Obama's Closer?

Can Michelle Obama cure Barack’s Palin problem?

Looking back, Michelle’s speeches have provoked national controversy, her resume has been picked apart and her image examined by the media in the same fashion that Sarah Palin’s recently has. Could more spotlight on the controversial and talented Michelle Obama counter America’s Palin craze.

In the primaries, the media dubbed her “the closer,” says AP “for her ability to persuade the undecided voters walking in to come on board before walking out.” Sounds vice presidential to me?

Chew on this:

After the infamous Obama Campaign text message announcing Joe Biden (D- De) as his veep choice, Gallup reported that there was “no bounce” and that Obama’s support actually declined 2 points, from 46% before his vice-presidential selection to 44%.

But after Michelle’s well received speech opening night of the Democratic National Convention Gallup reported that Obama gained ground in poll tracking averages 48% to McCain’s 42%.

Gallup also reported that those numbers reflected “any impact of Monday night’s speech by Michelle Obama, and Tuesday night’s speech by Hillary Clinton, but would not completely reflect Wednesday night’s lineup of speakers, such as John Kerry, former President Bill Clinton, and vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, nor the appearance on stage at the end of the evening by Barack Obama himself.”

In the same way that the media is making Palin a star, Michelle Obama has already been there, done that. Think of the cover stories with the Michelle and Barack ticket: People Magazine, Ebony, US Weekly, Time, The New Yorker, Newsweek, and those are just cover stories. She’s had profiles in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour and don’t forget “O” Magazine.

The only headlines Biden’s been making lately are for living up to his "gaffe-machine" reputation. In Columbia, Missouri last week Biden asked Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham who uses a wheelchair to “stand up, let the people see you.”

Earlier that week Biden said “Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.”

And again recently while in Florida he referred to “the Biden administration.”

Obama is in desperate need of a closer, or at least some one to grab back some of the thunder that Sarah Palin stole from the bedazzling messiah’s campaign.

The Obama camp. in recent months has been working on making Michelle seem more warm and fuzzy.

After her speech at the DNC pundits like Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic said it was “one of the best, most moving, intimate, rousing, humble, and beautiful speeches I’ve heard from a convention platform. Maybe she should be running for president.”

Last Wednesday the Wall Street Journal blog reported that “in an effort to counter John McCain’s surge among women, the Obama campaign sent [Michelle] to an Indianapolis suburb where she met with working women.” The Journal blog also reported that “Dana Singiser, who headed up Hillary Clinton’s outreach to women and is now doing the same for Obama.”

Something tells me in this election year of the feminine persuasion, we might be seeing more of Michelle Obama — but if so — Barack must know one thing…no more “lay off my wife” rhetoric.

Michelle has been just as vocal cumulatively throughout the campaign as Sarah Palin today and if she is going insert her opinions (even as just as a spouse) back into the campaign she must be held accountable for what she has said and done or says and does.

We could start with her unprecedented promotion at the University of Chicago Medical Center right after Barack was elected into the Senate. And why that promotion came along with a 159.9% rise in salary?

Or let’s talk again about the1 million dollar earmark to that medical center that Barack approved.

Or her work with Public Allies a half government funded organization that many have begun to dub a radical boot camp for young activists.

Or her controversial thesis paper that was based on racial divide.

Michelle Obama is hardly the political spouse that is seen and not heard — Michelle could work to the Obama campaigns advantage right now — but I won’t “lay off” if she becomes the “closer.”


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