Campaign Connie Report 9/15

Two separate Road to Victory rallies today for McCain-Palin 2008. John McCain travels to Jacksonville, FL, and Governor Sarah Palin flies solo in Golden, CO, today at 10:30 am Eastern at Jefferson County Fairgrounds—both important battleground states. Barak Obama and Joe Biden will hold rallies in the battleground states of Flat Rock, MI and in Pueblo, CO.

On the Sunday news shows, Palin still dominated conversation on every program. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace continued the misrepresentation of Palin’s position on earmarks, as does most of the so-called mainstream media. Palin articulated her actual position in her interview last week with Charles Gibson on ABC: “… wanting it to be in the light of day, not behind closed doors, with lobbyists making deals with Congress to stick things in there under the public radar. That’s the abuse that we’re going to stop. That’s what John McCain has promised over and over for these years and that’s what I’m joining him, also, saying, you’re right, the abuse of earmarks, it’s un-American, it’s undemocratic, and it’s not going to be accepted in a McCain-Palin administration. Earmark abuse will stop.”

In yet another stark example of how government spending other people’s money can corrupt absolutely, politicians began hiding massive earmarks in legislation effectively masking the origination and the accountability for these funding requests. It is that abuse of the system that McCain-Palin has promised to end.

Also from the Gibson edit job posing as an ABC interview, one industrious member of the Free Republic website listed from available ABC transcripts every question Gibson asked in the Obama interview and questions asked Palin in her Gibson interview. When you look at these questions side-by-side, the level of bias reflected in these questions from this newsman poseur is breathtaking. Brace yourself for outrage.

Obama’s female problems broadened as the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported: “Obama only talks good game on gender pay equity." Obama’s women staffers make only 83 cents for every dollar paid to his male staffers. McCain’s women staffers make $1.04 for every dollar his male staffers make. Advice to Obama campaign: revise that “Fighting for Pay Equity” language in the women’s issues section of your website.

Gallup’s new poll, “Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive” reflects the down-ticket effect of the Palin-energized GOP base rattling Democrats across the country.

The Real Clear Politics poll average now has McCain-Palin slightly ahead in the electoral college count.

New AP poll has McCain-Palin ahead by 4 percentage points.

Tonight begins Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren “On the Record" two-part interview with Alaska’s “First Dude” Todd Palin.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity airs his two-part interview with Sarah Palin on “Hannity & Colmes.” Unlike ABC’s Charles Gibson, I’m confident that Hannity will allow Palin to finish a sentence.


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