Campaign Connie Report 9/12

John and Cindy McCain spent the day together yesterday at Shanksville, PA and then in New York City honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11. Barak Obama enjoyed a private attempt to kiss-and-make-up lunch with former President Bill Clinton before joining the McCains to pay respects at Ground Zero. According to the Obama campaign website, Michelle Obama remained in Chicago on 9/11 with no public events scheduled and no explanations. The McCains will appear together on both “The View” and “The Rachel Ray Show” today.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in her capacity as both Alaska Governor and mother was the featured speaker on 9/11 at the deployment ceremony for son Track and the 4000 soldiers of the Army’s Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division.

Last night, Palin more than held her own in her first interview as the GOP nominee with Charles Gibson of ABC. The interview was heavily-edited and even worked in an out-of-context video lift of a speech she gave at her church earlier this year. Advice to Palin for future hostile (practically all) television interviews: require a live or live to tape format so you can finish a sentence. Another ABC edit job posing as an interview will air on Gibson’s program tonight.

Both presidential candidates participated in the 9/11 Presidential Forum from Obama’s alma mater Columbia University last night. The forum’s over-arching theme was one of national service. Recent concerns raised over Obama’s $3 billion Public Allies “voluntary” national service plan were not addressed in questioning by Judy Woodruff and Richard Stengel. Chastisement of Columbia University leaders for banning ROTC on campus yet allowing Mahmoud Abadinejad to give speeches fit right into McCain’s response to military as a national service questioning, in which his answers showed his commitment to the military culture as well as other national service methods which he called “noble”.

From the apoplectic over Sarah Palin Hollywood Left, Matt Damon came out of his hidey-hole and swallowed his foot all the way up to his hip. Video here.

In a weird sort of Kahlil Gibrar-Nostradamus on peyote moment, radical leftist Rosie O’Donnell took poetry pot shots on her blog at Palin and her own former nemesis from “The View,” Elisabeth Hasslebeck.

Should these Hollywood extremists who make believe for a living ever figure out that Sarah Palin genuinely is the very essence of the successful American woman… I just hope YouTube has enough bandwidth.

Catch you next week!