Obama's Lipstick Smear

When Barack Obama stood in Lebanon, Virginia on September 9, and said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” I must say I concurred. And like tens of millions of Americans, I didn’t think it was an insult directed at Gov. Sarah Palin. But it was a lame attempt at a quip to demonstrate that Sarah Palin is nothing new or that the McCain/Palin ticket doesn’t represent real change. I actually think the phrase fits far better on the Democrats, and particularly Obama, who has spent more than a year and half pretending to be what he isn’t in order to garner votes that he otherwise would not receive.

It was obvious that Obama was going to be a weak candidate when he confronted Maureen Dowd in December 2006, for comments she made about his ears. It was after a speech in New Hampshire that Obama walked up to Dowd and said: “You talked about my ears, and I just want to put you on notice: I’m very sensitive about [them]…I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.’" What? How is a man who can’t handle being ribbed for having gigantic ears ever supposed to handle the threats of our terroristic enemy; an enemy that will certainly forego picking on his ears in their bid to go straight for the throat?

What’s sad is that the complaint Obama lodged with Dowd may be the most genuine thing the guy has said in the last 20 months. In other words, weakness is the one thing he displays honestly.

To begin with, Obama ran on “change,” which is a convenient motto because it means whatever he wants it to mean, depending on what type of crowd he is speaking to and where. Thus, while he tells middle-America that he supports the family and loves his wife (the one who never appears with him because she has a negative impact on poll results), his campaign passes out fliers in San Francisco which say that Obama has pledged himself to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and which also indicates his full-blown opposition to any Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. (This is why Palin took time in her convention speech to point out that Obama talks one way to people in Scranton and another to people in San Francisco.)

Don’t you see? Obama is the one putting on lipstick in various shades and colors in order to keep the American people from ascertaining what type of change he really has in mind. Yet regardless of what he does, he remains a third-rate politician with big ears and faltering campaign. And it’s not just the John Zogby’s and George Gallup’s of the world who know this.

From the Republican Convention onward, the McCain/Palin ticket has successfully claimed that it is the true bearer of change, and it’s hard to argue with them. We are more dependent upon foreign oil than ever before and McCain and Palin want to change that by drilling for our own oil off our own shores. This marks a substantive change from the current Pelosi/Reid/Obama policy of keeping us dependent on oil from terrorist and communist states by preventing us from expanding domestic drilling (and never forget that Obama isn’t bothered by $4 a gallon gasoline, he is just bothered by the fact that it hit $4 too fast).

Democrats have long grown accustomed to living extravagant lives (that are veiled in secrecy) at the taxpayer’s expense. McCain and Palin are both proven opponents of such non-sense. Think of what a change it would be to go from Bill Clinton’s refusal to release his health records, Hillary’s refusal to explain her investment genius, Al Gore’s refusal to explain just how he invented the internet, John Kerry’s refusal to explain exactly how he earned those Purple Hearts, and Obama’s efforts to keep his past activities under wraps – activities that might have involved interactions with leaders of the Weathermen or men involved in the Chicago mob – to Palin’s American life, which took her from PTA meetings to mayoral responsibilities to the position of Governor and now, hopefully, the V.P. of the Executive branch.

What a change it would be go from having people in office who are so self-centered that they will kill for comfort, which is the purpose abortion ultimately serves, to people who believe life is sacred whether polls support their position or not. Win or lose, McCain and Palin are to be applauded for their love of children of all walks of life; children with or without an extra chromosome.

And we must never forget that the Democrats don’t appreciate the vigor and commitment of our enemy in the current War on Terror. While George W. Bush has sought to bring our enemies to justice, be that through their capture or death, the Democrats have sought to bring Bush to “justice” for the way “terror suspects” have been denied their civil rights. Yes folks, Obama is one of the Democrats who thinks we should treat terrorists as criminals. As if Khalid Sheik Muhammed should be treated like a Rodeo Drive purse snatcher. What a pleasant change it would be to go from this anti-war crowd to the McCain position of giving us his word that he will chase Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell to kill him.

McCain and Palin both understand that this is war. It isn’t a beauty contest or a Girl Scout function. This isn’t about reading Miranda Rights or making sure we stay in good graces with the European nations who depend upon our military for their own defense. This is about the survival of Western Civilization and I’d far rather trust that survival to a ticket like McCain/Palin that treasures Western civilization to begin with.

Obama is clearly bothered by the fact that the McCain/Palin ticket is the one that represents real, substantive change and that their lives demonstrate that real change isn’t something to merely campaign about but to accomplish. And since he can’t compete with their brand of change he is kicking and screaming like a baby who falls on the floor in a tantrum. He is also changing positions quicker than Lewinsky changed dresses in his bid to regain momentum in the polls; ergo, he now tells us that he thought about joining the military after high school in a bid to make us forget that he hates the military now.

While at the home of political heavy weight Jon Bon Jovi over the weekend, Obama made it clear that he would not lose this election to the strong arm tactics of McCain and Palin: “We’re not going to be bullied…I don’t believe in coming in second.” Maybe that’s true Senator Obama, but only one thing is for sure at this point: You need to take off the lipstick, it’s starting to smear.