White House Won't Rule Out Signing CR With Ban On Offshore Drilling

The White House wouldn’t rule out signing a continuing resolution to fund  the government that includes a ban on offshore drilling.  That response from Press Secretary Dana Perino this afternoon has several on the pro-energy side a bit nervous as to just how fully committed the Bush Administration is to making off-shore drilling happen.

The President’s top spokesman stated the Administration position to me at the afternoon press briefing on Monday.  (Perino recently announced that the early morning “gaggle” would be ended and the twice-a-day sessions with White House correspondents merged into one longer briefing in the afternoon).

“Will the President veto a continuing resolution if it still contains a ban on offshore drilling?” I asked.

“I think we need to ask Congress to actually get their work done,” Perino told me, “and actually pass an appropriations bill, instead of having to move forward to a CR.”

Perino went on to not that “[t]his is the longest time it’s been in twenty years, since Congress has actually passed one appropriations bill.  It’s not a record to be proud of.  And we would like to actually have them do some of that before we talk about a CR.”

Fair enough.  But wouldn’t it also help make an appropriations bill move a bit if the threat of a veto of a CR with a ban on offshore drilling were put on the table now? 


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