McCain Surges in Polls

What a difference a week (and Sarah Palin) makes.

In the first full round of polling following the Republican National Convention last week, John McCain has jumped ahead of his Democratic rival Barack Obama. Most of the Arizona senator’s bounce has come from independents and white women.

According to a Gallup tracking poll of likely voters released Monday, McCain’s support among independents has risen from 40% to 52%. He now leads Obama among independents 52% to 37%.

Another poll released Monday, shows a surge among white women for the McCain-Palin ticket. The Washington Post-ABC News poll shows McCain gained 12 points among this group — rising from 41% to 53% — while Obama’s support fell from 50% to 41%.

Overall, the daily Gallup tracking poll gives McCain/Palin a 49% to 44% lead over Obama/Biden.

Enthusiasm for McCain/Palin is also being seen on the campaign trail. According to ABC news, crowds attending the Republicans’ campaign events has grown tremendously. Before Palin was named as McCain’s running mate, he would usually draw about 1,000 people. Now at many events, crowds are surging to over 10,000.

However, among one interesting group — citizens of the world — Obama is crushing McCain.

A BBC poll of over 23,000 people in 22 countries gives Obama a whopping 49% to 12% lead — with 40 % undecided.

However, those people will not be voting in November.