Cindy McCain: The Real Community Organizer

Barack Obama has spent two years telling America that his wife works for the community of south-side Chicago, making Americans think Mrs. Obama devotes her life to charity work.  The opposite is true: Mrs. Obama sits on the board of University of Chicago Medical Center and is paid her for her work.  It’s been reported that a patient can only be treated at the hospital he or she has insurance, yet Michelle Obama claims she fights for those in need.  Cindy McCain saves lives without receiving one dime; she has literally gotten down in the trenches with people less fortunate, never seeking praise or money.

The only thing Americans hear about Cindy McCain is she is the chairperson of her father’s Anhauser-Bush beer distributorship, Hensley & Company, and her personal net worth is $100 million dollars.  Many do not realize Mrs. McCain’s father borrowed the money to start his business in 1955, one year after his daughter was born.  Cindy McCain was not born to wealth.  The media and press never tell her real accomplishments of service to those in need around the world.

The media has devoted two years to praising Mrs. Obama because she’s married to Barry Obama, but what has she essentially done that makes her First Lady material?  Michelle Obama has no track record as a lawyer fighting for the community; her reputation of service is based on what she and her husband have invented for the media.

The wife of John McCain is a heroine, a fearless woman willing to lay her own life on the line to rescue others.  The woman who introduced her husband on September 4, 2008 at the Republican National Convention was presented to the audience in a video narrated by Sen. McCain.  The beer heiress is the very definition of beauty, brains, and guts.

Cindy McCain is the first in her family to graduate from college?  Cindy McCain graduated from the University of Southern California, not an Ivy League college, and went on to teach special needs children in the state of Arizona.  Her life story is outstanding and that of a role model: the mother of four selflessly aids victims of land mines, birth defects, genocide, starvation, deprivation, and disease.

 — 1988: Mrs. McCain founded the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVNT) and led 55 medical aid missions into war-zones over a seven-year period. 

 — 1994: Mrs. McCain witnessed the Rwanda genocide first hand when her team risked their lives to help victims of gang rape, murder, hunger and disease.  Mrs. McCain says she had to step over dead bodies to find those still alive.

 — Mrs. McCain serves on the board of Operation Smile, a non-profit organization providing surgery to children born with cleft lips.  100,000 around the world children can smile because of Operation Smile.

 — Mrs. McCain is a member of the Halo Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to removing land-mines.  Halo has removed 7,000 land mines in 10 countries around the world.

 — Mrs. McCain volunteered for missions to Morocco, Vietnam, and India.  On one trip to India 17 years ago, Mother Teresa handed Mrs. McCain a newborn child born with a cleft lip — surgery was the only thing that could save the baby’s life — asking her to take the child to a hospital in the U.S.  Mrs. McCain, who says she could not part with the baby when she reached the U.S., told Sen. McCain: “meet your new daughter.”  The beautiful young woman named Bridgette McCain stood beside her mother and siblings to introduce her father at the Republican National Convention.

In 2004, Mrs. McCain suffered a stroke from high blood pressure.  Once fully recovered, she not only joined her husband’s campaign but went back to being an aid worker, joining mission teams around the world.

 — She travels with the World Food Program: in 2008, Mrs. McCain joined WFP on a trip to Rwanda to deliver food and medicine to famine victims. 

 — 2008: On the trip to Rwanda Mrs. McCain met a group called Women For Women International, an organization helping female survivors of war get educations, jobs, start businesses, receive counseling, rights, food, water, shelter, and medicine.

Mrs. Obama is accused of helping to shut down a Colorado pickle factory in 2005, causing 150 Hispanic workers to lose their jobs.

 — Mrs. McCain also works with Pour Un Sourire d’ Enfant (For a Smile of a Child) providing support and education to abused children in third world counties where the basics are not available without the help of volunteers like Cindy McCain who are willing to hike through the most unpleasant situations to help others. 

Mrs. McCain is not just another pretty wife of a politician in designer clothes. Cindy McCain doesn’t just talk about lending a hand, she acts.  Michelle Obama talks about bringing “change,” but Cindy McCain has, in reality, gone out into the world and made a profound change in thousands of lives for the greater good of mankind. 

The Republican Convention gave the world a look into the real life of the real Cindy McCain: she is the true definition of feminism.  Between Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin women of America truly have two role models to look up to, admire, and aspire to be like.