Sarah Scares Them Because They Don't Scare Her

Liberals fear what they can’t control, and subsequently seek the elimination of what they fear. This explains their past efforts to blacklist patriotism, stifle free markets, disarm the American citizenry, and shackle free speech. It also explains why they’re currently pulling out all stops in their effort to destroy Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The patriotism feared by liberals isn’t the standard American-flag-pinned-on-your-lapel-patriotism (hardly anyone other than Barack Obama is against that). The kind they are afraid of is that which was stirred in us by the attacks on Pearl Harbor and again on 9/11 — the kind that motivated Americans of all races and political persuasions to pull together in the duty of our common citizenship and the common cause of enduring American ideals.

Liberals are threatened by such patriotism because they worry that their position — their belief that they, rather than we as free people, are the better rulers of our lives — will be usurped by a rebirth of Thomas Jefferson’s understanding of self-reliance and independence.
They also worry that an increase in such patriotism will continually motivate men from all walks of life — whether janitors, businessmen, NFL football players or college students — to join our military and fight for the preservation of this great nation. It’s hard to convince men who are risking their lives in service to this nation that this nation isn’t as good as it once was or that we need to turn the reins of our government over to Democrats so they can rescue us from ourselves by “the audacity of hope.” (The fact that Democrats want to go from making fun of our military to wooing it by suddenly admitting the surge worked is what’s audacious.)

A truly free market also frightens liberals because it affords even the poorest among us the opportunity to accumulate wealth over time. And wealth accumulated removes individuals from the government dole, which in turn lessens the power liberals hold over our lives. (Do you see a common theme here?) Face it. This is why the Democrat Party has fought a war on poverty for the last three and half decades with no real intention of ending poverty. For they know that a true end to poverty would mark a definite end to their place of power in the lives of millions in the lower class.

The Left owns academia, the majority of Hollywood, and every 24 hour news channel except Fox. Thus, they control our perception of reality by feeding us sound bites and misquotes in a fashion designed to make President Ronald Reagan look like a stumbling, tumbling goofball and Bill Clinton an economic genius. They have grown comfortable with the role of telling us which “facts” are to be believed and which are to be rejected. No wonder they are scared of Sarah — she refuses to ask them if her convictions pass their litmus test.

Sarah Palin is beyond their categorization and refuses to be limited by the mold into which they force all women. She doesn’t want their praise. She rattled their cages with her vice presidential nomination acceptance speech when she said, “I’ve learned quickly, these past few days, that if you’re not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone. But here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.”

Sarah understands what Charlton Heston meant when he said, “Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face.” Thus she refuses to take left’s scorn seriously. And as they continue to tell us how bad America has become, Sarah tells us how the residents in the small town where she was reared “were always proud of America.” When she does this, she’s telling us that she too has always been proud of America. (This is not lost on the Democrats, whose would-be first lady has not been proud of her country until most recently.)

While the Left has been actively pursuing control of our lives since the 1960s, Sarah has spent that time fishing, hunting, and working in the real world where, as college student, she had to enter beauty contests to earn money to pay tuition. (Quick side point: How much education could Pat Schroeder have paid for if she had had to depend on beauty contest winnings to make ends meet?)

Don’t miss this point: Sarah’s beauty is just one more thing that intimidates the Left. If Rush Limbaugh has taught us anything, it’s that feminism was created to give ugly women a shot at prestigious opportunities that used to belong only to the beautiful. Proof of this can be found in the Democrat denials of it. Remember when Hillary was in the race, how the Democrats all told us that it was about time a woman got her turn? But now that Sarah’s the woman, former Democrat National Committee spokeswoman Jano Cabrera says the women who supported Hillary didn’t do so because she was a female, but “because she happened to be a woman and was championing the issues they held dear."

In other words, they did want a woman — just not this one. They wanted one whom they could control or who would control others on their behalf.

Sarah scares them senseless. Her very existence is a threat to the Left. She is a patriot who supports the military, free market competition, the Second Amendment, and the right to speak her mind in season and out. Moreover, she supports these things with a child in her arms that liberals would have killed in the womb if given the chance.

They can’t touch her because she won’t let them. And instead of answering her point by point rebuttals of their position, they continue to lie about their real intentions and the certain catastrophic outcome that would result from the implementation of their policies. They can’t risk an honest debate with her because she doesn’t allow herself to be constrained by the linguistic limitations the Left has placed on everyone else.

Sarah is not like them, and she is not like the “moderates” who quickly fall in line with the Left’s demands in order to keep from giving offense. This is why Oprah says “no” to hosting Sarah on her show, Obama sends out “female surrogates” to counter her arguments, and Chris Matthews hedges his bets by saying positive things about her in appearances on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. (It was only last week that Matthews was pulling his peroxide-treated-blonde-hair out during fits of rage in the middle of Sarah’s speech at the Republican National Convention.)

Thank God for Sarah. We didn’t see her coming, but we are so glad she’s here.