Sarah Palin Is My Girl

With grave suspicion and reservations, I nonetheless rejoice that the fading embers of conservatism may have indeed caught fire once more. That fireball is Gov.Sarah Palin of Alaska, I pray the next Vice President of the United States. Now I know why I have seen no one with any guts in the Republican Party in so long: the governor of Alaska has them all. Her speech last night was clearly a grand slam out-of-the-park home run. America, we have liftoff!

By selecting Gov. Palin to be his running mate, Sen. McCain has finally electrified the conservative base — the very base he desperately needs to defeat Sen.Obama in November. I, for one, am greatly relieved and inspired by her message, delivery, confidence, poise, class and grace.

To borrow a relative quote from Michelle Obama, with the selection of Gov. Palin, it’s the first time in quite some time that I’m proud of the Republican Party.

Gov. Palin is a true outsider, a real maverick. She lacks Washington, D.C. political experience. That’s good. No, that’s excellent. It is her lack of D.C. political experience that is the refreshing outsider change America so desperately needs and wants.

Palin made it clear that she is like the rest of us, noting how Fedzilla is bloated, broken, ineffective, and wasteful. Our professional politicians no longer work for us, but instead represent K Street bandit lobbyists. These scoundrels deserve our scorn, anger and contempt, and, quite honestly, a big, old pink slip, and Sarah appears to be the tough leader we seek to get the job done.

The level of disgust and distrust across America is appalling and, I believe, unprecedented. A recent poll indicated the Nancy Pelosi-led Congress’ approval rating is at an abysmal record low of nine percent. That it is even that high shows how clueless and disconnected the lunatic fringe is.

America needs more outsiders in Washington, D.C. now more than ever. We need more tough, standup hockey moms like Governor Sarah Palin. We need more ordinary Americans to springboard from small city councils to the halls of congress and beyond. We need welders, cops, teachers, ditch diggers, business people, construction workers, secretaries, auto mechanics, and guitar slingers to come to Washington, D.C. and replant the good old “We the People” tree.

Americans need to replace the professional politicians who have rigged and ruined the system to exclude ordinary citizens from participating in this experiment in self-government. My advice is to get angry and vote them all out. The professional punk politicians are the problem, not the solution.

We need fewer lawyers in Washington. Lawyers have created a masturbatory legal system by raping our justice system. It’s refreshing to see that neither Sen. McCain nor Gov. Palin is a lawyer. This could be a good start back towards an experiment in self-government. Count me in.

We need fewer bureaucrats who accomplish nothing but sustaining and growing Fedzilla. Bureaucrats create reams of regulations, rules, and requirements that strangle innovation and punish producers. I expect Vice President Palin to lead the charge with a battering ram to smash in the bureaucratic doors that impede progress instead of enabling it. I had a bumper crop of crowbars this year. I’ll donate them all to those willing to swing them.

It’s wrong to suggest that just because Gov. Palin is not a career D.C. politician that she lacks the experience and intelligence to lead the nation. She clearly has more executive management experience than Sen. Obama, who has zero experience at running anything. He’s not qualified to run an all-night donut shop, much less America.

Gov. Palin is an executive. The mark of an effective executive is to surround herself with bright, talented, capable professionals who share her vision to accurately represent the people they work for: Americans. Chief Executive Officers need to be visionary leaders, not tacticians who micromanage. Her experience demonstrates she is prepared to lead if necessary.

Gov. Palin represents real hope and change. In her case, hope and change are not simply hollow words. As a city councilwoman, mayor and governor, she has achieved tangible results. She exudes energy and passion, has the experience and the skills, and is ready for the job. I couldn’t be more excited for America.

In addition to her executive experience, and based on unbiased, genuine research, Gov. Palin concludes that global warming is a fraud, supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge, hunts and fishes, and is a member of the National Rifle Association. What’s not to like?

Those pundits and Fedzilla fanatics who proclaim Gov.Palin has no experience to run the country are the very punks who want to continue to feed Fedzilla. They advocate taking more of our paychecks, wasting more of hard earned money, and not being held accountable. I would like to buy these Fedzilla punks a one-way ticket on the express train to Hell.

President Reagan would surely be proud of Sen. McCain’s choice of Gov. Palin to be his running mate. President Reagan’s words so many years ago ring true once again: it’s morning in America.

Last night, a political savior may have arrived. Ted Nugent at your service,Vice President-to-be Palin. I’m your biggest fan. Let’s rock.