Defeating Democrats and Terrorists

Some people are born with gifts from the Lord. In sports, we see few like swimmer Michael Phelps. In politics, we see few like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He swam through the emotions of the delegates at the Republican Convention like Phelps swam through the competition in Beijing, and the crowd loved it.

Like most folks in “flyover country,” I vividly remember staring at my television as hijacked airplanes were flown into buildings on September 11, 2001. I recall the fear and bewilderment on the faces of so many citizens in the hours and days that followed the attacks, and I remember thinking we needed a warrior to rally around. Someone who would be so brave that his example would make us brave as well; someone who would lead the charge back to normalcy and security by refusing to allow fear to tamper his courage. And I remember when we found that unexpected warrior in America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

While others ran away, Rudy went toward “ground zero.” While some of the “1-800-give-peace-a-chance” liberals began saying we were attacked because of our foreign policies (inferring that we deserved to be attacked), Rudy said that when Osama Bin Laden was captured, he wanted to be the one to kill him. While Hillary Clinton and Charles Rangel popped up now and then around ground zero or somewhere else in New York City for a photograph, Rudy — legend has it — sometimes slept in his helicopter so he wouldn’t miss any of funerals for the hundreds of New York City firefighters who died trying to rescue people from the World Trade Centers. Rudy was tenacious, and we followed his example in wiping the tears from our eyes and raising clinched fists toward Bin Laden and the animals who had committed the attacks.

Rudy’s assault on terrorism continued unabated long after we buried those brave firefighters, defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan, and liberated Iraq from the brutal dictatorship of the late Saddam Hussein (whose sons are still not available for comment). In speeches and interviews during the primaries for the 2008 presidential election, Rudy assured us that if elected president, he would use the U.S. military to assault our terroristic enemies until they were erased. And he warned us of Barack Obama’s “law enforcement” approach to terrorism; an approach that would treat terrorists as a class of criminals to be dealt with in manner befitting a Wal-Mart burglar rather than a militant who wants to kill your children, cut off your head, and destroy your nation in the name of his religion.

The bottom line is this: Once the smoke cleared from the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Centers, Rudy was not simply an avowed enemy of terrorists but a determined man in complete opposition to Democrats who, through weakness and inaction, serve only to enable militants that already have America in their crosshairs.

In his speech at the Republican Convention last night, Rudy pointed out that during the four days of the Democrat convention in Denver, as well as the eighteen months that have encompassed the presidential primaries and campaign, the Democrats refrained from using the words “Islamic Terrorism” to keep from insulting anyone. “Who are they insulting if they say ‘Islamic Terrorism?’” asked Rudy, “They are only insulting terrorists!”

Rudy also used his speech to remind the world that the Democrats gave up on Iraq, with the inference being, “How can we trust them to see the War on Terror through to the end if we put them in office?” It was, after all, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat, who announced not so long ago that the United States had lost in Iraq. In his measured, statesmen-like manner, Rudy said that when he heard Reid’s words, his fear was “when [the Democrats] gave up on Iraq, they gave up on America.”

In a crucial portion of his speech, Rudy told us that Obama has provided no reason for us to believe he is capable of leading this nation. According to Rudy, while Obama was in the Illinois State Legislature, there were “nearly 130 times [when] he was unable to make a decision yes or no. He simply voted ‘present.’” Such indecision does not befit a man who wants to persuade people to give him the keys to the highest office in the land. Or to put it as Rudy did: “For a president of the United States it’s not good enough to be present, you have to make a decision.”

And although Rudy did not call John Kerry by name, he did not restrain himself from demonstrating that Obama is simply Kerry repackaged (but with more arrogance and even less experience). For instance, Rudy said, “Obama was going to take public financing for his campaign, until he didn’t. [He] was against wiretapping before he voted for it. When speaking to a pro-Israel group, Obama favored an undivided Jerusalem,” and then after thinking it over for one day he changed his mind. Again, how can a man who has this much trouble making decisions, and then sticking to the few he does make, ever be a viable candidate for our nation’s highest office?

Obama supporters keep dodging accusations about Obama’s lack of preparedness for the presidency by reminding us that Obama was a “community organizer” in Chicago before he became involved in politics. It appears that Rudy has one simple question — “What does a community organizer do?” (Rudy asked Alan Colmes this question during a Fox News interview on August 2, and Colmes didn’t answer. I’d guess that’s because answering it would require discussing what Obama and domestic-terrorist Bill Ayers did during their time together in Chicago.)

Rudy is a statesmen and a patriot (while Joe Biden is neither). He not only saw the towers ablaze but stood in the dust that filled the sky after they fell and swore his hatred for the terrorists. While he is certainly not without chinks in his armor, when it comes to fighting terrorists and Democrats his refusal to be constrained by political correctness makes him the man of the hour for those of us who like “to call ‘em like we see ‘em.”

Rudy said he trusts Republican John McCain not simply to continue the War on Terror, but to finish it. If that’s Rudy’s opinion, it’s good enough for me. I just hope President McCain finishes the war while Secretary of Defense Giuliani unapologetically pursues and kills every “Islamic Terrorist” who is currently entertaining the thought of striking us again.

Thank you, Rudy Giuliani, for allowing us rally around you once more.