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Tonight is Palin's Big Night: She'll be joined by Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee.


Wednesday Convention Schedule

Tonight is Palin’s Big Night: She’ll be joined by Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee.

This is Sarah Palin’s night. In a just-concluded conference call with the senior Republican officials we learned that there will be a big buildup of prominent speakers warming up the audience for her.

Here’s the schedule as it now stands. As one of the senior spokesmen said, you never know how it will go when Rudy Giuliani is on tap. (All times noted are Central Daylight Time).

The program will begin earlier, but the major speakers are on camera from about 7 pm.

7:30 pm: Meg Whitman, former E-bay CEO, will talk about energy and the economy;

7:50 pm; Carly Fiorina will reprise a speech "looking back" on a first term of a McCain presidency;

8 pm: Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele;

8:15 pm: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will talk about economic contrasts between Obama and McCain;

8:30 pm: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will follow on with economic and other social themes;

9 pm: Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani will contrast Obama and McCain on a number of issues, especially the war on terror;

9:20 pm: Gov. Linda Lingle of Hawaii will introduce Gov. Sarah Palin

9:30: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will give her major address. (Oddly, her speech will come before she’s actually nominated.)

Should be a big night. Stay tuned for updates.

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