Sexist Dems

John McCain aced the Obama campaign on Friday with the announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential choice and then on Monday with Palin’s announcement that their daughter, Bristol, is pregnant with a child she is going to keep.  

The far left — abortion at all costs and under any circumstances believers — couldn’t imagine that the 40-something mother of 4 would choose to have and not abort a Down’s Syndrome child and raise it proudly.  With baby Trig in the arms of his big sister and the children in tow, Sarah Palin showed the world her family knew how to pull together and love unconditionally.

It was so unbelievable, in fact, the left-wing bloggers went to town speculating that Gov. Palin had faked her own pregnancy to cover up a pregnancy of her daughter.  This specious attack led to an announcement yesterday from the Palin family that their daughter, Bristol, was 5 months pregnant now and is keeping the baby and planning on marrying the father.  In just about 72 hours, we have from this amazing family an expression of unconditional love, and most Americans can relate to that.

The Palin family is not perfect, but they love perfectly and lead by example using their values at their guide. Dealing with this is difficult enough without having to deal with it in the glare of the media frenzy around Gov. Palin.  The Mainstream Media wants to find something wrong with Sarah Palin, and her family is just human enough to oblige. The “angry white feminists” on the left think traditional family life is too messy — it is, but it’s worth it.

Rewind to Friday after the announcement, the minions of the mainstream media couldn’t wait to ask the question of who will care for Gov. Palin’s children if she is vice president. The government is going to take care of those children, of course. Isn’t that what the Obama platform is all about?   Do you think they asked who would be taking care of Barack Obama’s children if he is elected president? I doubt it, because his platform provides the answer.

When I was much younger, there was a commercial that ran at the beginnings of the feminist “we can all work” movement featuring a mom who could “bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never, ever let you forget you’re a man.” Let me be clear: women, in the home or working outside the home, are all working mothers.  That was the super mom of the ’70s, but the fact of the matter is moms, especially moms of big families, have skills that most men can only dream of having and will admire if they are smart.  

Gail Evans was the first female executive at CNN in the Ted Turner days.  She pointed out in her book She Wins, You Win that women always think they are competing against each other and if women reached out to each other, they’d be much more successful.  Sarah Palin must have read that book. She mentioned Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton when she spoke with John McCain on Friday.  Later in the day, Geraldine Ferraro was near tears when she said that no one had ever thanked her for the progress she made for other women.  Hillary Clinton also made glowing comments about Governor Palin while the Obama campaign seemed to be thrown for a loop, not knowing what to say.

The Democrats only support women as long as they are liberals.  They don’t want all women to success; they want their women to succeed. Strong, conservative women like Gov. Sarah Palin scare them.  The fact is the Sarah Palins of the world outnumber the mamas.  The issues that she deals with every day at her kitchen table are the issues of America.  Things like how you raise your children, how you love them when they have difficulties and how you do the right thing even if it might be embarrassing.  On top of all that, as Governor of Alaska she’s cleaned up corruption, has a missile defense station in her state, deals with the issues of bordering two counties — Canada and Russia — and governs one of the most valuable states in the union.  Now that’s the American woman.  

The elitism shows through also.  Sarah doesn’t practice zero population growth; she didn’t go to the right university, or join the right clubs.  She is a card-carrying member of the NRA and can hunt and skin a moose while taking the kids to hockey practice. Maybe not at the same time, but if you are a mom, you know what I mean. Sarah Palin gets it done with the help of a strong husband and children committed to a cause greater than themselves, their family.

The Democrats can’t understand that, especially the Obama voters.  They are mostly Ivy League, single or married without kids so a mom and dad with 5 children and a grandchild on the way is way out of their league.  The mistake Democrats are making is most families are imperfect and you deal with that imperfection.  Sarah Palin is strong, conservative and successful at running a city, the State of Alaska and, oh yea, the PTA.  Leadership is transferable and Sarah Palin is about the transfer leadership ability to the White House. The Democrats hate it, but they’d better get ready for a change.