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Which are real? Answers tomorrow.


Bumper Sticker Puzzle

Which are real? Answers tomorrow.

We can’t be serious all the time. So here is a list of McCain bumper stickers/buttons. See if you can pick out the ones we’d like to see but haven’t.

1. My Other Car Is The Straight Talk Express
2 Annoy a Liberal, Support Our Troops
3. Mine Enemy’s Enemy is John McCain
4. McCain: Not a Risky Guy with a Funny Name
5. John McCain: Battle Tested
6. We Ignore Al Gore
7. Der Kalte Kreiger
8. I Have Always Been Proud of America.
9. Is Biden’s Speech Over Yet?
10. Obambi vs. Putinzilla?
11. Sink Code Pink
12. What Part of “Drill Now” Don’t You Understand?
13. Beer Distributors for McCain
14. Cowboys for McCain
15. Vote Republican Because Everyone Can’t Be On Welfare
16. Another Small Town, Religion-clinging, Gun-toting Republican Who’s Voting for
17. I want YOU to speak English.
18. Straight Talk (McCain) Double Talk (Obama)

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