Where Was the Hope in Obama's Speech?

Hope.  It’s allegedly Barack Obama’s strong suite: the magic mantra that has propelled the unknown and inexperienced first-term senator into the universal spotlight he enjoys today.  But it was nowhere to be found in Thursday night’s dour acceptance speech.

The tone of his speech, as with all human communication, was set with his body language and facial expressions more than with the words themselves.  And the tone was unwavering: grimacing, frowning, brow lowered and finger wagging into the camera, as his preachy words poured out like an indictment bracketed by disdainful furrows in his face.

This is the left’s “Kennedyesque” pied piper of hope?  This is the Democrats’ Dalai Obama, the messiah of a new America?

I’ve seen happier, less judgmental looks on the faces of bitter women talking about their divorces.

Obama’s entire speech consisted of three miserable themes: 1) Obama himself, a man who deserves to be president as a sort of personal revenge on America for its perceived injustices toward him, 2) McCain, the well-meaning but stupid veteran, and 3) the commoner as a pitiful composite character who should elect Obama as a sort of personal revenge on America for its perceived injustices.  Apparently, Hope took the day off and Bile subbed for her.

Obama’s “story” is simply a well-marketed mythology.  Private schooled Obama, the Harvard graduate son of a Harvard graduate, was raised by a firmly middle class family.  He faced only one major challenge in his life: a father who abandoned his family.  It’s a struggle faced by many kids, most of whom will not try to parley their story into power.  Obama, however, believes his story, embellished by implied racism that never actually held him back, poverty that never really existed, and bootstrapping that never occurred, is his ticket to being a professional symbol.  That’s quite a hope.  Unfortunately for America, it may very well come true.

As for McCain, Obama presented two absolutely hopeless versions of him.  McCain is either a palsied old fool wandering around in $600 shoes and a campaign hat talking nonsense to the blowhards at the VFW.  Or McCain is merely the willing vessel into which the evil spirit of George Bush has entered in search of a third term.  But that doesn’t mean that Barack doesn’t respect the evil, old, confused and out-of-touch warmongering geezer for his service to our country.  

Hope was also in short supply for the working man and/or woman as packaged in Obama’s rhetoric.  Apparently, Americans are all hard-working, but unemployed single parent union members who lack health insurance that will cover them for the global-warming-induced diseases they all got after their jobs were outsourced by the Big Drug/Oil companies that think business-as-usual in Washington is just fine.  Also, many Americans seem to be hapless helpless veterans that need taking care of when they return, like that senile militaristic imbecile, John McCain. (But of course we thank him for his service to our country, which he doesn’t understand).

Beyond the sour and general themes, a few hints of specifics were sprinkled in: Obama will do more with less.  Apparently “less” is a new word for debt, since he will have government do more for people and at the same time save us all some money.  “Less” could also be a reference to the 5% Obama singled out by saying “I will lower taxes on 95% of working families.”  So the 95% will do OK, but the 5% will be liquidated and their estates sold online to pay for Obama’s plans?  What do you bet most of us turn out to be in the 5%?  Or perhaps “less” is the amount of money that will be left in the private sector?  It’s hard to know, especially from a man that in a single speech said that he will not raise taxes, but will instead collect more money — by closing loopholes and “tax savings.”  

You can call it a loophole, you can call the payers too rich, or you can call it revenge.  You can call it whatever you want.  But if you intend to collect more money, that’s a tax increase.  And the economy will adjust by passing that increase on to the poor single-parent waitress that is working two jobs just to make ends meet for her transgendered homeless veteran father — or whomever Obama thinks Americans are.

No wonder Obama forgot to smile during his speech.  Reading it off the teleprompter must have depressed him as much he hopes to depress you.  Perhaps Prozac is a change this man should believe in.

If Obama is Hope, God save us from Despair.