Rockbama Does Invesco

(UPDATED): While Senator Obama was giving his acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver to tens of thousands of Fedzilla supporting numbskulls, I was busy pummeling musical fun gluttons at the New York State Fair with my R&B spirit-infested guitar as I’ve done over 6,000 times so far in my gravity-defying career.

My ace crew taped Senator Obama’s speech so that I could watch it after I got off stage and now I’m slamming this out on my laptop. I won’t go away. Write that down. Again.

Before I slice and dice the Obaminator’s speech, let’s get one thing clear. Though the Obaminator may be treated like a rockstar, he has much more in common with a one hit wonder, no talent pop star.

The Obaminator brought in Fedzilla musicians Sheryl Crowe and Stevie Wonder to electrify the throngs of Fedzilla supporters. Political ideologies aside, these gentlemen and their killer musicians are the real McCoy when it comes to music, and I salute them for that.

The title of rockstar is meaningless and petty, and typically indicative of a fashion-driven dope. Like those dedicated musicians still celebrating our honed craft 50 plus years later, it is the soul and genuine emotion and authority of the music of our black heroes like Bo Diddly and Chuck Berry that still lives on in my musical dreams that puts timeless integrity into every glowing guitar lick. Not the transparent symbolism of celebrity or rockstar sillyness. Go figure.

The musical Gods have indeed blessed me and I continue to create musical fire on the best tour of my life in 2008 by playing blistering rhythm and blues music to well over a billion people around the world, so far. Unlike the windjammer Obaminator, my music is black enough I have a talent that has been honed through sheer will power, sweat and persistence. That’s the American Dream. I wouldn’t dare let Fedzilla tamper with my dream.

The Obaminator will say anything, change any position, and obfuscate his socialist intentions and beliefs to get elected. I’ve never compromised or wavered on my musical vision. I only play music that singes the pure, aboriginal musical soul.

As I’ve written before on HUMAN EVENTS, in my cursory review of the history of presidential politics, the Obominator is the least qualified person in the history of America to run for president, and his speech proved it once again. With all the believability of a talking head beauty queen, no one buys it for a minute that he is going to save the children, end world poverty or bring peace to humankind.

Pure condescending fluff.

I wasn’t expecting a detailed policy speech from the Obaminator; that’s not the purpose of a presidential acceptance speech. The purpose was to electrify the Socialist Party, formerly known as the Democrat Party.

The Obaminator gave an over-the-top inspiring speech if you are a member of the
Fedzilla addicted, bloodsucker, anti-free market, European socialist cult of denial of America.

In the America facing a pandemic of self imposed obesity and gluttonous, irresponsible credit card debt, it is understandable how Obama’s celebration of such behavior resonated.

If you’re a rugged individualist, pro-free market, freedom loving, lower tax and less spending supporting capitalist, you had to shake your head in painful disbelief over how far left the Socialist Party has plummeted. President Kennedy, who supported lower taxes and stood up to the Commies in Cuba, would surely hang his head in shame and disbelief that this convention asks not what it can do for its country, but what its country must do for them. Shameful.

No one wants to be in the Iraq War, but the reality is that we are, and therefore, we must fight to win it. No timetable for withdrawal, total warfare should our military policy. Turning and running like we did in Mogadishu in 1993 under President Bubba Clinton’s failed military policies emboldened the very enemies America is fighting today.

He covered all the liberal bases in the cloudy, vague terms we’ve become used to from his predecessors, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.  Boiling this down in the Tedfurnace, it’s easy to get down to this.  He favors gay marriage, he wants to renew the idiotic “assault weapons” ban, spend us into bankruptcy with socialized medicine and — get this — give the GI bill to people who serve their “communities.”

Hey, pal:  the GI Bill is for those who wore the uniform, not tye-died jeans and a dirty t-shirt.

Listening to the internationalist Obaminator speak made me shudder for the safety and security of America. It appears the Obaminator is more concerned about shoveling almost a trillion dollars of our tax dollars to the United Nations for world wastefare programs than he and Senator Biden are about defending America. Good grief.

The Obaminator spoke of Fedzilla taking over the nation’s health care. He believes Fedzilla can do it better, cheaper, more effective and provide better health care than the free market. Only a bloated Michael Moore illiterate stooge could possibly believe this lie and risk putting the nation’s health care under the care of Doctor Fedzilla. Assisted suicide is one thing; engineered suicide is beyond the pale.

The Obominator was right when he said that government can’t solve all the problems. The federal government meddling creates social and cultural problems, ruins individuals, and destroys communities. I give you Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, which has been an abysmal failure to eradicate poverty.

Communities solve community problems. Families solve family problems. Individuals solve individual problems. Responsible people know that if you want to solve domestic problems, the first obstacle to remove from the equation is Fedzilla.

It was refreshing to hear that the Obominator wants to reduce the dependence on foreign energy. Welcome to the energy party, pal. Drill here and drill near is the near term answer. Long term energy solutions do not include wind, solar or biofuels. Nuclear energy is the key to energy independence. Nuke me.

The Obominator said he would cut taxes for 95% of Americans. Cutting taxes for everyone—businesses large and small and individual Americans—coupled with a dramatic cut in government spending is the key to long-term success. Lower taxes and less government spending is fuel in the tank of America.  But if he’s cutting taxes for 95% of Americans, he’s going to raise taxes on those 5% who already pay the vast majority of the taxes that flow into Fedzilla.  Which means they’ll be better at finding ways to protect their money and Fedzilla will go deeper in debt.

The Obominator spoke of government meddling in health care, education and economy. None of these three key components to the American way of life can be maximized by central planning out of Washington DC. Less meddling by Fedzilla will reduce healthcare costs, improve education, and ignite an economic conflagration.

Let us pray for America that the Obaminator is a flash in the political pan. Once the American public realizes the only substance to his message is higher taxes and more government spending and that he has zero experience that qualifies him to be the leader of the free world, he will hopefully become a political footnote and we can then get back to the tough business of running the nation.

Senator Obama is not ready to lead anyone who isn’t a trendy rock fan looking for symbolism over substance.