Parson Mac's Muse: A Moment of Clarity, Part I

Wherein the DNC reminds us how much you can tell about people by looking at who their heroes are.

From a philosophic point of view
T’was quite an education
To see how long applause went on
For Clinton (Bill’s) ovation!
The people raved and flags were waved
And every heart went THUMP!
Their behavior said their first Saviour
Had ascended to the stump.

Before the crowd, so tall and proud
He relished every moment
In all limelight with great delight
Bill began to foment!
Attention captured! People raptured!
He preached to the Donkey Choir
The perfect speech, every lib in reach
And kindled Obama’s fire!

‘Tis plain to see, the DNC
Still adores the man called Bill
And tells of glory, the revision story
(Though it makes good people ill).
For the Man from Hope’s real legacy
(And he’s never gonna’ win this!)
Is corruption and immorality
(No matter how he tries to spin this!)

Time doth fail to full disclose
All of Bill’s abuse of powers
To start with, he should not have stopped
To smell Miss Gennifer’s Flowers!
Why, he’d walk through hell to land some belle
Then dismiss critique as “silly”

But that whole scene with poor Kathleen
Gave us all a Willey.

T’was just the beginning of all his sinning
To dig some dirt and heap some hurt
On opposition shoulders!
And don’t negate that Travelgate
And the Lincoln Bedroom Perks
And dishonest dough from “Dishonest Joe”
(Various felon jerks)

And Oval Office trystcapades
While Heads of State were waiting
And lying to the nation’s face
And perjure-obfuscating
And tarnished reputations of
Real men like Kenneth Starr
And Fostered intrigue with men like Vince
And cover-ups near and far!
Not to mention Wag The Dog
Or falling asleep at the terror switch
He set us up for 9-1-1
And drove us in the ditch!

I’m no fan of the kind of man
Clinton did aspire to
For that kind of man is the kind of man
Decent folk once set fire to!
So to observe that D-N-C-hurch
Genuflecting Bill
Applauding, cheering, misty-eyed
Validating his verbal swill
Stops and really makes me think
REAL Americans would hiss and boo him
But if THAT’S the hero Dems really want…
…then they are welcome to him!