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Palin's record as a true reformer puts Obama to shame.


Day 14: Palin: A True Reformer

Palin’s record as a true reformer puts Obama to shame.

Presidential hopeful John McCain shocked the nation by announcing a dark horse as his running mate: Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin—a woman whose record as a true reformer puts Senator Barack Obama to shame. David Freddoso, author of the bestseller The Case Against Barack Obama, has covered Alaska’s politics for years and says that the contrast between Obama and Palin is night and day.

“Palin is a real reformer who took on her state party’s corrupt establishment and won,” says Freddoso. “Obama is a cog in Chicago’s corrupt political machine, working against bipartisan reformers to help preserve the power of the Daley Machine.”

Unlike Obama, Palin does not focus her power and influence on political allies to ensure they return the favor. Instead, Palin focuses her power and influence on the American people, working for their benefit, not hers. 

“With Palin on the Republican ticket, there’s now a real reformer in the race,” says Freddoso, “one who produces change, not just calls for it.”

The Case Against Barack Obama, which is #6 on the New York Times bestseller list, is available online or at bookstores everywhere.

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