Obama Watch: Convention Edition

Michelle and Barack’s World

Following her speech on Monday night, Michelle Obama was praised for her poise and speaking ability.  Blogger Michelle Malkin noted, “She’s reading professionally from the teleprompter… but you know, she’s just an ordinary, civilian mom.  Just like you.”

As HUMAN EVENTS’ Obama Watch noted two weeks ago, Barack Obama was a follower of Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals.  The book’s purpose is to use existing infrastructures like schools, churches and neighborhoods, to further a leftist agenda.  As a community organizer in Chicago, Obama was a studious follower of Alinsky’s methods.  

Between Michelle Obama’s declarations of patriotism and being a “Southside girl,” she echoed words from Rules for Radicals. reports:

“In last night’s speech, Michelle Obama said something that peaked my curiosity.

She said:  “Barack stood up that day,” talking about a visit to Chicago neighborhoods, “and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be…”

And, “All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals:

“The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves…The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means… The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.”

Some other choice quotes from Saul Alinsky include:

–    “Radicals are most adept at breaking the necks of Conservatives.”
–    “In a fight almost anything goes.  It almost reaches the point where you stop to apologize if a chance blow lands above the belt.”
–    “The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means.”
–    “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

Obamapalooza, Part III

The Rocky Mountain News reported this week that Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi would be performing at Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field.  Bon Jovi will perform two songs before the speech and Springsteen will close out the event.  

The choice to put Obama in the middle of a rock star sandwich is no surprise.  In May 2008, the media was ecstatic about the crowd at Obama’s speech in Portland, Oregon.  However, they neglected to mention that the event included a free concert with famed local band The Decemberists.

At Obama’s July 2008 speech in Berlin, the bands Patrice and Reamonn performed gave a free concert to the thousands that attended.  Additionally, the Obama campaign provided free beer, pizza and bratwurst during the concert.

There’s no doubt that Invesco Field will be packed on Thursday.  However, just like Obama himself, it’s all show and no substance.

For Sale: Anti-Capitalism/Pro-Obama Buttons

Speaking of no substance, the paraphernalia sold at the Democratic Convention is evidence that their voters have bought into the cult of personality.  Blogger Robert Stacy McCain reported that capitalism is thriving just steps from anti-capitalism protests.  McCain wrote, “Hope is a very popular commodity on the streets of Denver this week.”

Some of the button and sign slogans available at the anti-capitalism and other protests include:

–    “Happy Days Are Here Again!” with photo of Obama
–    “Hot Chicks Dig Obama” with pink hearts and photo of Obama
–    “Obama Gets My Vote” with “American Idol” logo and photo of Obama
–    “No Hope in Capitalism”
–    “Witness History” with photo of Obama in front of Invesco Field
–    “I’m Asking You to Believe” with photos of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Obama

Riot 4 Peace and Other Events at the DNC

It’s not all sunshine and Celestial choirs at this week’s Democratic National Convention.  Some of Democrats’ key constituents are making their voices heard outside the convention center.  Those at “DNC Disruption 08” are already claiming victory.  Their website states, “Anarchists 1 Police 0- Dissidents Reclaim Occupied Denver.”

Leftist magazine The New Republic glossed over the protestors’ impact at the convention and wrote, “But in spite of their finery — probably their once-a-year protest best — nobody, not even the press, is paying them much mind. The columns of police in full riot gear who’ve been deployed to control them are peeling off of their formations and meandering into Starbucks for frappucinos.”

Not surprisingly, the riots for peace got out of control and one hotel along their protest route was put on lockdown.  Multiple arrests were made outside the hotel.  Earlier that day, Michelle Malkin was swarmed by a group of “9/11 was an inside job” nuts at the “Recreate 68” protest.  While chanting “Kill Michelle Malkin” over a dozen people surrounded her in an attempt to block her from leaving.

Black Republicans: Obama is No MLK

The National Black Republican Association (NBRA) is greeting Barack Obama and the delegates in Denver with over 50 billboards proclaiming “Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.”  Much has been made about Obama’s acceptance speech being held on the 45th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  The NBRA released this statement:
“Today, Senator Barack Obama, with the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate, is delivering his political acceptance speech, in an apparent attempt to assume for himself the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dr. King did not embrace the type of secularist agenda promoted by Obama and the Democratic Party of today, which includes fostering dependency on welfare that breaks up families, supporting same-sex marriage and partial-birth abortion, and banning God from the public square.”