Day 13: America Doesn't Know Barack Obama

Today is the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, and still, not one convention speaker has tackled a single aspect of Obama’s campaign platform.

David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama, points out that while Obama’s presidential marketing campaign is popular, the truth behind his agenda and his record is still obscured.  “The mainstream media has failed to turn the appropriate critical eye toward Senator Obama’s real record as a politician and legislator,” says David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama. “And the reality of his political record reveals a dangerously radical left-wing agenda.”

Most Americans don’t know:

* Despite his cries of hope and change, Obama actually thwarted attempts to shut down Chicago’s corrupt political machine.

* “The candidate of change” had his opponents thrown off the ballot in the Illinois senate race, but later said it was his speaking ability—not his status as the only candidate—that got him elected.

* Barack Obama voted and spoke out against a law that would save babies who survived failed abortions.

* Obama refused to address Chicago’s 5-hour school days when his political ally, the Chicago Teachers’ Union, resisted all attempts to have their teachers teach full days of school.

* Obama does not choose his friends wisely. People like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Tony Rezko have continuously caused Obama controversy. More importantly, Obama’s relationships with them call into question his personal judgments and leadership abilities.

“At some point, Obama must answer the question: what would you do as our next president?” says Freddoso. “And most average Americans are not going to like his answer.”

The Case Against Barack Obama, which is #6 on the New York Times bestseller list, is available online or at bookstores everywhere.