Day 12: Obama's Camp Dodging Real Issues at the Convention

All eyes are on the Democratic Convention, but if you’re looking for real issues you won’t find them. Instead of talking about his platform and his objectives, Obama’s cast of speakers is simply mouthing vague promises—not talking about his political goals or his political record.

“Senator Obama likes to keep things vague when it comes to policy,” says David Freddoso, author of the bestseller The Case Against Barack Obama.  “True to that spirit, the Democrats seem determined to hide their liberalism behind moderate speakers in this convention, speakers who offer up rhetoric that gives little hint of the Democratic agenda.”

Monday, instead of “America at a Crossroads,” we got Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy.  Tuesday instead of “Renewing America’s Promise” and economic issues, we got Hillary Clinton.  Few people know tonight’s focus is national security, but they do know that former president Bill Clinton and vice-presidential hopeful Joe Biden will take the podium. 

At this rate, if Obama is elected president, America will still be under a hazy cloud, not knowing where our president stands on the critical issues we face—the economy, healthcare, foreign relations, and America’s energy future.

Can Obama keep voters clueless for much longer?

The Case Against Barack Obama, which is #6 on the New York Times bestseller list, is available online or at bookstores everywhere.