Dialing for Dems in Denver

You have to hand it to the masked communists, anarchists, anti-war activists (and even secessionists) who are marching on the streets of Denver, even if the numbers are a small fraction of their original optimistic projections.

They’re passionate, energetic, and unlike most run-of-the-mill liberals, at least they support policies which further their stated goals.

For example, if you really do oppose private property and you believe that Barack Obama is fascist and a “continuation of the politics of empire”, then it makes sense to be against the existence of any government. After all, if you don’t want any private property, you’ll almost certainly get your wish in some kind of anarchy.

Monday morning, I joined into a march that I’d estimate at about 500 people from Denver’s City Center Park to the Federal Building and Federal Courthouse about a dozen blocks away:

It seemed a general sort of protest with an overall theme along the lines of anti-war, anti-Guantanamo, and pro-freedom for several criminals whom the dreadlocked and unwashed crowed see as freedom fighters. Some of the loudest “No justice, No peace!” chants were in support of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Some of these masked would-be revolutionaries were not so subtly threatening violence when Mumia’s well-deserved execution happens.

The police presence was noticeable but not overwhelming. In most places where there were more than a few protesters, police organized in groups of between 5 and 20, all wearing riot gear, but carrying their helmets on the backs. Several were holding weapons (larger than pistols) visibly. There were also several groups of police officers on horseback, being watched by long-haired unreconstructed hippies wearing fluorescent yellow vests which identified them as the “Cop Watch.” (The woman on the left side of the below picture, for example.)

A particularly verbose young woman, who turned out to be an import from New York affiliated with the Communist Revolutionary Party (I might have that wrong because I heard at least a half dozen nearly identical organization names within the 40 minutes that I walked near and among the protesters) gave a passionate speech which was nearly as anti-Obama as it was anti-Bush. I guess it’s easy to be a perky protester when you’re on an expense account:

She raged on about the war, wearing a black t-shirt with the word “Wanted” in large letters, followed by “for war crimes and crimes against humanity," showing pictures of President Bush, VP Cheney, and others, in front of a row of kneeling people wearing orange jump suits and black hoods:

Other protesters were just silly, such as this apparently anti-humanity group shown below. I wonder who they think will pay for the trip to the Andromeda galaxy…

Somewhat more disturbing was this particular protester, who was, it seems, a 12-year old communist anti-border Hispanic (probably the child of an illegal alien if not one himself because he didn’t seem to speak English when I tried to talk to him). Although I only realized it until I had left the protest and was ruminating on what I had seen, this particular image was the most unsettling, a protester in America arguing half in Spanish that a socialist “workers struggle has no borders”, and showing an image of one of the 20th century’s best-known communist murderers:

Truly, that moment still bothers me whereas I found most of the other protesters, even the smelly, wildly pierced anarchists just amusing.

Some in the protest were remarkably concerned with or interest in guns:

I wonder if this guy below knows that he’s the enemy…and that I’m almost certainly a better shot than he is if it comes to that. And who’s he going to defend Denver against? Maybe the people who put the little boy in the picture above up to his reprehensible protest.

Sometimes the leftists’ attempts at cleverness actually are somewhat witty:

Sometimes they’re a little odd, even frightening, perhaps doing their drawing after a little too much experimentation in “better living through chemistry”:

And sometimes they’re just stupid:

Of course, when you’re a member of Recreate 68 who is so stoned that you don’t even realize the joint has fallen out of your hand, you’re probably not too worried about the subtleties of proper very conjugation:

Generally, today’s protests, at least those in the first half of the day, were uneventful and not particularly well attended. I attempted to speak with two police officers. One looked straight ahead and did not acknowledge my presence. Another chuckled at the protesters and said, with obvious sincerity, “I love when people are passionate about something.”

As for my moment of sincerity for the day, it came with a sincere hope that some of the crowd learn the joys and benefits of soap and running water.

Speaking of body odor, here’s a GREAT video of Jason Mattera undercover, encouraging Candid Camera-style conversation with several of the laughingly deluded creatures of modest hygiene who have descended on the Queen City of the Plains (not so-named because of any prevalence of gay nightclubs, I might add, though that may have changed for this week.) You wouldn’t believe these people really existed if you didn’t see it for yourself.

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