Day 11: Obama's Friends Get Him In Trouble Again

Plenty of people know who Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Tony Rezko are, but Senator Barack Obama’s got another friend stirring a new controversy—his mentor, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones.

Jones is accused of calling a Hillary supporter and Chicago political consultant an "Uncle Tom." After refusing to apologize, he later offered a semi-apology, ONLY after being offered a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention by Obama. This is the latest in a string of Obama’s associates who have been publically discredited for crimes, bigotry, and anti-Americanism.

"Being president means making personal judgments about the character and intentions of people working for your administration," says David Freddoso, author of the bestseller The Case Against Barack Obama.  "Obama has repeatedly shown he is incapable of making these judgments. Worse than his insensitive comments, Emil Jones will be able to roll $578,000 from his campaign account into his personal bank account after he retires. That is thanks to a 1998 ethics reform bill that Obama helped Jones pass."

If Obama’s "new politics" is about lining up with bigoted friends and helping them fill their bank accounts, Americans might want to think twice about his promise of "change."

The Case Against Barack Obama, which is #6 on the New York Times bestseller list, is available online and in bookstores everywhere.