Rockbama Plays Denver

This is it folks. It seems like we’ve gone through 2,198 debates, at least a million hours of campaign commercials and way too many media types hyperventilating over Barack Obama, and it has all led up to this. Monday marks day one of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Obama is set to give his acceptance speech on Thursday August 28 before a crowd of at least 60,000 adoring fans at Invesco Stadium.

Coincidentally (?) Thursday is the 45th anniversary of civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr’s "I Have a Dream" speech.

Obama’s campaign will probably work its heart out to characterize Obama’s speech as the completion of a historic circle. From one African-American reformer to another — Obama fulfilling King’s dream. Although Obama’s nomination marks a milestone for America, his record doesn’t match that of Martin Luther King Jr. Barack Obama is not this generation’s civil rights champion. He’s a Chicago machine pol, not a reformer in any sense.

As NRO reporter David Freddoso told me in an exclusive interview on his New York Times best seller “The Case Against Barak Obama” the most important thing Americans should know about Obama is that he has never been a reformer.

“That this image of ‘change and hope’ that he projects is really a great lie. In fact there’s never been a single time in Senator Obama’s political career where he did something that was difficult and would cost him politically for the sake of needed reforms and change,” said Freddoso.

Pull the wool from over your eyes America — like King would Barack Obama face incarceration for his cause?

I think not.

He might let Tony Rezko do some time, though.

McCain Doesn’t Know Who He’s Up Against

On Tuesday a combative Obama said “I don’t intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against.” In the hype of Veepstakes — Obama is right. The question of who will be Obama’s pick for vice president is beginning to tire.

Rumors circulated with Obama campaign talk of a possible announcement this week and just yesterday Obama said he made his choice. Although the list of contenders is ever changing, popular candidates this week are Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

Biden said on Tuesday that “I’m not the guy.” But was that tongue in cheek?

Kaine on the other hand has been front and center all week telling reporters after a two and a half day bus tour with Obama “I’m going to let the campaign speak for the campaign,” when it comes to VP questions.

Bayh has remained out of the spotlight for the most part — ducking speculation.

Will today be the day? Probably so. Stay tuned.

Let the Good Times Rock and ‘Roll It’

“Entertainment” schedules for both conventions have been released. Playing in Denver will be popular anti establishment rock band Rage Against the Machine at a four day music festival called “Tent State Music Festival to End the War.”

“Maybe you consider yourself a radical, maybe a Democrat. Maybe you’ll vote for Obama, or maybe you think the whole system is corrupt. And maybe you think Obama can end the war, and maybe he can,” reads the Tent State Festival website.

Just a few other entertainment events planned for the DNC are…

1964 – The Tribute: “If you love the Beatles you won’t want to miss the most unique, fun and affordable concert event of this summer celebrating the Beatles’ Anniversary Concert at Red Rocks.”

Rock the Bells Concert: "The 2008 Rock The Bells international festival series comes to Denver, featuring A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, The Pharcyde, Method Man, Redman, Raekwon, Ghostface, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Murs, Spank Rock, Kid Sister, Cool Kids, Wale, Jay Electronica, B.O.B., Kidz in the Hall, and more."

AP reported this week that MTV’s Rock the Vote has planned an event in Denver hosting several other pop rock bands and that “Its after-party promises a room filled with the ‘hottest VIPS and celebrity guests."’ (AP also reported that Rock the Vote is not planning star dazzled events for the GOP Convention)

Should we erect the Woodstock Memorial Museum in Denver? Is this a rock concert or a presidential nomination convention?

Here is your answer — yesterday Ben Smith from the Politico blogged that Reason Magazine said “Denver officials have passed a (non-binding) resolution urging police ‘to refrain from arresting or citing pot smokers during the convention.’"

Yeah man … Vote for Obama… everyone is doing it.