Day 8: Obama: Working to Raise Gas Prices

Obama gets a failing grade on the three E’s: energy, education, and Eastern Europe. 

“Senator Obama has presented a variety of sound bites on many issues, but he has failed to provide any real solutions, or any hint of change,” says David Freddoso, political reporter and author of the new bestseller The Case Against Barack Obama

Over the next few days, Human Events will explore Senator Obama’s position on three issues dominating today’s headlines—energy, education, and Eastern Europe.  Today we delve into his energy agenda.
High gas prices continue to punish American consumers and businesses.  Yet Senator Obama’s political track record clearly supports policies that would raise gas prices even higher, says Freddoso.  

In his New York Times bestseller, The Case Against Barack Obama, Freddoso points out that Obama lamented in mid-June that high gasoline prices have hurt Americans.  But Obama supports carbon caps and carbon taxes–environmental controls that are designed to intentionally increase prices at the pump.  The idea is to make gasoline more expensive so that people use less of it and emit less carbon. Obama also eagerly embraces ethanol as a key solution to our energy crisis, adds Freddoso, but experts agree that ethanol will lead to much higher food prices, without providing real energy relief.

“Obama supports an environmental policy that requires higher gas prices over the long run,” says Freddoso. “Until he drops his environmental program, Obama is only shedding crocodile tears when he talks about how high gas prices are hurting Americans. His real goal is $6 or $7 gasoline, as a matter of policy.”

Americans need a leader who will offer real leadership and real solutions, not simply pay lip service to their concerns while pursuing policies that will hurt average Americans.  For his energy policy, Barack Obama receives an “F.”