No Whiners Allowed

There is no whining allowed in my world. I have no time or interest in suffering spineless whiners and complainers.

Even with my damaged rock and roll ears, I can detect the slightest trace of whining by family, friends, staff or business associates. By now, they know I don’t whine and don’t tolerate anyone who does. (The beautiful result of that is an automatic whine elimination system that prevails in TedLand.)

It would be easy for me to complain that the music industry is not fair or that I believe the industry is full of scoundrels and liars. Instead of wasting valuable time lamenting and complaining about these obstacles, my modus operandi has, and will continue to be, to play my guitar louder, sexier, more ferocious and more often. I simply won’t go away.

Life isn’t fair, just or impartial. The road to success or victory is tough, demanding and obstructed with any number of moral and ethical hurdles. Sucker punches are legal. When you get hit from behind and knocked down, the mark of a mature, confident person is to spring back up, dusts himself off and get back in the arena. A winner does not complain.

The mark of an immature person is one who complains that something isn’t fair because the ball didn’t bounce his or her way. These people remind me of spoiled brats on the grade school playground who didn’t get picked for the team. Tough.

If anyone has a legitimate right to complain, it would be Sen. McCain. The print and television media coverage is obviously biased in favor of Sen. Obama, yet you do not hear McCain complaining about it. He continues to march face-first into the howling political winds like an American buffalo on a mission. I like that.

When Obama received European adulation (as if he were the Second Coming), McCain did not complain but rather continued his steadfast campaign on American turf. The McCain campaign soldiers on with a determined spirit and is picking up momentum as evidenced by the polls.

When McCain scored a knockout over Senator Obama the other night at the Saddleback Church in Orange County by answering Reverend Warren’s questions more confidently, clearly and decisively than the stumbling, obfuscating Obama, Obama’s campaign accused the Straight Talk Express of cheating. Whiners.

There is no evidence — none — that McCain heard Obama’s rambling and confusing answers prior to taking the stage and answering Reverend Warren’s questions. The evidence is pretty plain: when thrashed soundly by a superior opponent, the Obama camp whined like school girls.

The Obama camp, recognizing that McCain answered the questions in a more straightforward, presidential tone than their guy, immediately began complaining that McCain must have cheated by listening to Obama fumble his answers time and time again. Obama appeared like the freshman senator that he is.

The bottom line is this: McCain appeared much more presidential than Obama. And there is a very valid reason for this: as a natural leader, McCain is a far better choice than Obama, who is the guy with the least amount of experience in the history of presidential campaigns.

When Obama does not have a teleprompter in front of him to deliver another hollow message of transparent, symbolic hope and change, his speech and answers to questions are disjointed and confusing. Watch him closely. He is not confident.

Are you, like me, wondering how a President Obama would fair politically against determined adversaries such as Iranian psychopath Ahmadinejad, North Korea’s Littler Hitler, Kim Jong Il, or how he would navigate through political minefields such as the trade imbalance with China, Russian saber rattling which could lead to a new Cold War, etc.? Scary thought.

A President Obama would be immediately tested by both our friends and adversaries because they know he has zero experience and has never been thrown into the murky, underhanded, geopolitical arena where no one — friend or foe — plays fair.

Choosing a president is always a tough, demanding business, especially during tough and demanding times. Politics aside, we must always first look for certain character traits in our president: strong, resolute, determined, unshakable, and firm.

Obama displays none of these presidential character traits. I am concerned that, as our president, Obama would fold under the pressure of the job just like he folds and complains when the political campaign seas get a bit rough.

McCain is looking more presidential with each passing day. Strip away the hope and change slick veneer of Obama’s campaign and he looks like any other windbag politician peddling a hollow message. No thanks. We need to rid American politics of whiners, not hire on more.