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A humorous look at the Democrats during this congressional recess, and one we guarantee you won't find anywhere else ...


Parson Mac’s Muse: FUD for Oil!

A humorous look at the Democrats during this congressional recess, and one we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else …

‘Tis the new congressional mantrum,
And if you disagree with them
Just watch them throw a tantrum.
While most of us (the reg’lar folk)
Cancelled our vacation,
The fearless Dems adjourned despite
Legislative constipation.
Six weeks off without a vote?!?
To sell their books and self-promote?!?
Do nothing–then sit back and gloat?!?
“No we can’t?!?”

Alas.. one more unproven myth,
If you counter them with pithy facts
You only get them… pith’d.
It seems to me the Left’s I.Q.
Is all that’s reached a peak,
The congressional well’s run dry fer sure
And their prospect’s lookin’ bleak!
With ANWR barrels in the millions
And offshore gallons in the billions
And tons of oil shale in the trillions
“Oil has peaked?!?”

Well… a ‘load’ of something that’s for sure,
But when it comes to those details
Enviroloons are quite obscure.
‘Cause everywhere we’re drillin’ now
Children play, and skies are blue,
And surely you have herd by now
Of those prospering caribou.
With the best technology of all the nations
And almost zero aberrations
Beneath draconian regulations
“We’ve still got loads of concerns?!?”

So, “No we can’t, no we can’t”
Is the House and Senate’s chant,
And Ms. Pelosi’s favorite rant
(On Larry King–a slight recant).
Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
Is what our leaders are about,
And since they now wield this much clout…
…time to throw these bums clear out!
Hmmm… the Great Incumbent Purge of ’08.
Now that’s change we can really hope for!

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Ray McClendon -- humorist, poet, wordsmith -- has been writing op-eds in verse for years, primarily as a hobby. Residing in California's Bay Area gives him plenty of grist for his literary political cartoon mill.

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