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David Freddoso exposes Obama's leftist leanings with Obama's top 10 liberal stands.


Day 5: Obama’s Top 10 Liberal Stands

David Freddoso exposes Obama’s leftist leanings with Obama’s top 10 liberal stands.

Barack Obama’s liberal agenda has remained hidden this election year, but David Freddoso’s The Case Against Barack Obama exposes Obama’s leftist leanings. Rounding out the top ten examples of Obama’s overwhelming partisanship are: (see Day 4: Obama’s Top 5 Liberal Stands for the other five)

    * Obama voted against Illinois’ born-alive bill which guarantees medical care to babies that survive a failed abortion.

    * Obama proposed a tax on small businesses without insurance, in order to pay for the high cost of his proposed big government health plan—a plan that would place an enormous burden on small businesses.

    * Though he sends his own children to private schools, Obama opposes school choice through vouchers or tax credits that could be used for private school, programs which represent the only hope for poor children trapped in failing inner-city schools.

    *  Obama has consistently opposed drilling in the United States, claiming that it shouldn’t be tried because our proven supply wouldn’t be able to cover our entire demand, despite support for drilling among American voters—until  two weeks ago when he flip-flopped and said he would consider it.

     * During his campaign for the Senate, Obama supported federal legislation that would ban citizens from carrying weapons, except for law enforcement officers. 

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