Human Events Page Three: Friends Salute Rush Limbaugh

“Before Rush Limbaugh there was nothing like talk radio. He’s been to talk what Elvis was to rock ’n’ roll. He saved the AM dial… Limbaugh is a master of the airwaves, He is the best talent on the air in modern broadcasting.”
—Michael Harrison, the editor of the radio industry publication Talkers Magazine.
“Broadcasters of Rush’s quality come along once in a lifetime. We’re privileged to continue our relationship [with Limbaugh] which is unprecedented in the history of our industry.”
John Hogan, chief executive of Clear Channel Radio.
“We are honored to present this award to a pioneer of the emerging alternative media, in recognition of his invaluable contributions to conservative ideals. It’s only fitting that Rush Limbaugh be the first recipient of this annual award.”
—L. Brent Bozell III, President of the Media Research enter, Presenting the William F. Buckley Media Excellence Award to Rush Limbaugh.

 “Rush Limbaugh is a patriot in every way. His agenda is America. The same spirit throughout his career, Rush has also tried to shape public opinion. He has challenged us to think and uphold the principles on which this country was founded. He has advanced the cause of freedom and has promoted the welfare of his fellow man in a most compelling manner. Rush Limbaugh has blazed a trail for others to follow, and they have followed!”
—Alex Spanos, self-made billionaire and author of Sharing the Wealth: My Story.
“Rush is just an amazing radio performer. Years ago, I used to listen in the car on my way to reporting gigs, and I’d notice that I disagreed with everything he was saying, yet I not only wanted to keep listening, I actually liked him. That is some chops. You can count on two hands the number of public figures in America who can pull that trick off.”
—Ira Glass, public-radio personality.
“I hired a lot of people over the years, fancy kids from elite schools, and I always asked, ‘How did you become a conservative?’ Many of them said, ‘Listening to Rush Limbaugh.’ And often they’d add, ‘Behind my parents’ back.’ ”
—Jay Nordlinger, a senior editor at National Review.
“He’s a leader. If Rush engages on an issue, it gives others courage to engage.”
—Former Bush White House aide Karl Rove.

“I despise his ideology, but Rush is a lot smarter and craftier than Don Imus. Limbaugh puts things in a way that he can’t be blamed for easy bigotry. Some of the songs he does about me just make me laugh. But he’s the most dangerous guy we have to deal with on the right, including O’Reilly and Imus. They come at you with an ax. He uses a razor.”
—The Rev. Al Sharpton.

 “I respect Rush Limbaugh.”
—Sen. John McCain
“‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’ enjoys an unprecedented platform of radio affiliates. Plus, advertisers harness the intensity of listener engagement. No one’s word of mouth about a product or service delivers more impact than Mr. Limbaugh’s.”
—Premiere Radio Networks president Charlie Rahilly

“When the history of these times is written, those who do so will reflect that in all of broadcast journalism, no one has had a greater influence in returning America to her traditional roots than Rush Limbaugh. Ever faithful and steadfast to his views of small government, maximum individual liberty,  a strong national defense,  and traditional social  values,  Rush Limbaugh has challenged, educated, enlightened, and moved millions in ways  that presidents, prime ministers, and potentates can only envy. He is the gold standard of fidelity to conservative principles.  Happy anniversary, my friend.”
— FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

“I remember the first time I heard my father mention this guy he heard on the radio named Rush Limbaugh—it must have been in the early 1990s. Back then I listened to music in the car and had no idea what my Dad was so ramped up about. Then, a few years later, when I was driving a rental car on vacation, my relationship with my radio changed instantly. This radio host was eviscerating some Clinton official, but was doing so in such a logical, factual and devastating manner. And he was laughing and obviously having loads of fun at the same time. I couldn’t stop listening. Then I realized that this was that Rush fellow my dad had raved about years earlier. Once again, kids, always listen to your parents. Happy Anniversary, Rush. Thanks for being an American original.
—Author and Radio Commentator Laura Ingraham.