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David Freddoso digs deep into Obama's record, exposing the top 5 leftist ideals Obama truly upholds.


Day 4: Top 5 Liberal Stands by Obama

David Freddoso digs deep into Obama’s record, exposing the top 5 leftist ideals Obama truly upholds.

Barack Obama has consistently remained faithful to his left-wing principles despite his attempt to run as a moderate, everyman candidate.  In David Freddoso’s new book The Case Against Barack Obama, he digs deep into Obama’s record and exposes the leftist ideals Obama truly upholds.  

    * Obama recently voted in step with his liberal colleagues to raise taxes on single people making more than $32,000 a year, by increasing the 25% bracket to 28% in the Democratic budget.

    * Obama has been one of ethanol’s greatest champions in the U.S. Senate, supporting the kind of systemic subsidies that have driven food prices up while not producing any real energy independence benefit.  His energy plan would outlaw new cars that cannot run on a high ethanol blend, a fuel that requires direct and indirect subsidies in the range of $8 billion.

    * Obama supports the Freedom of Choice Act, which places all regulation of abortion at the federal level, effectively banning things like parental notification and allowing late-term abortions, while forcing all taxpayers to fund abortions. 

    * Obama voted the Democratic Party line on 16 out of 18 foreign policy bills that came before the Senate in 2007, contributing to his “most liberal senator” title. 

    * Obama pays lip service to the idea of merit pay for teachers, but in fact would take all the teeth out of such reform by promising the unions that “merit” will be based on a measure of their choosing rather than on student achievement.

Coming tomorrow, Freddoso reveals more startling facts about Barack Obama’s political track record on gun control, energy, education, and taxes.

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