What Some of Us Are Waiting For Is An Explanation

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

So says Barack Obama. Over and over and over. He said it in every primary election night speech. He said it in Berlin. He probably says it in his sleep.

It is the sort of line that sends a thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews, and it always seems to enthrall and energize the vast Obama cheerleading squad in the mainstream media.

Well, Barack, some of us are getting tired of waiting. Some of us would like to hear your answer to this question without having to wait any longer:

What is that dopey line supposed to mean?

You have never explained what you mean by it.

And no one in the media has ever bothered to ask you.

I’m asking.

And while I’m at it, here’s something else I must be too thick to figure out on my own: If we are the ones we have been waiting for, who has kept us waiting? Wouldn’t we be the ones who have kept ourselves waiting? Why would we do that?

Since Obama won’t volunteer the answers to these sorts of questions, and the media won’t ask him what they consider to be such tough ones, it occurs to me that the nicest thing I could do for Democrats and their media allies this week — besides hosting a surprise baby shower for John Edwards — would be to show them where Obama got that phrase that he loves so much and they cheer so loudly. Knowing his source might be interesting and educational for all of us.

Go on the web, enter or, then search for “We are the ones we have been looking for.”

Up on your computer screen it pops — it’s a book title. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others carry it. Easy to find. Takes a few seconds of work, but even Democrats and mainstream media reporters can do it.

This simple exercise doesn’t tell us what the phrase means — Obama will have to explain one day if the media could only be made sufficiently embarrassed to ask.

But by doing it, we discover from where their candidate “borrowed” it.

And this raises another interesting question the media has been negligent — perhaps deliberately so — in asking Barack Obama:

You were nice enough to credit your “like family” friend and mentor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as being the source for the title of your book, The Audacity of Hope. So why have you never credited the author of a collection of essays titled We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For as being the source for this rallying call of yours?

Let me take a wild guess: It’s because she is another Reverand Wright type, anti-American Left wing extremist nutcase embarrassment.

As loony as Wright? As wrong as Wright? You got it!

Author Alice Walker, a well-known far Left feminist lesbian activist, has endorsed Obama with excitement and enthusiasm nearly matching that of Chris Matthews. Obama is, she proclaims, “not perfect but humanly stunning…We look at him…and are glad to be of our species.”

Others of our species that she goes gaga over include Fidel Castro: "What’s not to like about the man?” she asks. “If Fidel could dance, he’d be perfect!" Imagine if Obama could bowl.

A segment of our species Walker seems to be especially fond of is convicted cop killers. She has more than once visited in prison one of America’s best-known cop killers, Mumia Abu-Jamal, a cause celeb of the far Left. He’s “a beautiful person” and “compassionate,” she tells us, “he has a lot of light.” Besides, she has a feeling that what he was actually doing at the scene where the police officer was murdered was just “trying to help.”

The bullet extracted from the dead officer’s brain matched the five spent shells that were in the gun registered to her beautiful person/compassionate friend — the gun he had with him at the scene, the gun he attempted to keep away from police arriving at the scene of the murder, the gun that fit into the holster he was wearing. And there was a return bullet from the police officer’s gun in his chest.

So what if a jury convicted him, so what if five eyewitnesses implicated him, so what if he subsequently screamed, “If you let me go, I’ll kill all of you cops.” So what if even the likes of Michael Moore has pronounced him guilty as charged? To the nuttiest of the Loony Left — which includes this woman from whom Obama gets his rallying call — this cop killer is their kind of guy.

Being such a good feminist, Ms. Walker also has a female convicted cop killer among her favorites — former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army leader Assata Shakur, who escaped prison and was granted “political asylum” in Castro’s Cuba. Walker says she has a feeling — there she goes again! — that the woman didn’t mean to kill the cop (she was involved in a shootout when she killed him).

Can we possibly find anything nuttier about her? Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

Walker’s advice on how we need to deal with Osama bin Laden: 1) We need to “remind him of all the good, nonviolent things he has done,” and 2) we need to convince him to understand “the preciousness of the lives” of the people he’s killed. Of course, in the matter of preciousness of life, she is pro-abortion and has had one.

She doesn’t like religions, especially the Catholic Church. And she says the real problem in the Middle East is the Jews.

It’s all enough to make one wonder:

What if Republicans began asking Obama to explain why he turned to the likes of a loon like Alice Walker for that idiotic rallying call of his — and why he has never given her the recognition she deserves for it. Do you suppose the mainstream media would report that?


And what if Republicans asked Obama what he thought of each of his message maker’s various wacky pronouncements? Would the mainstream media report that?


The mainstream media will probably be too busy telling us all about what they are sure to see as the next truly interesting story: Obama’s vacation in Hawaii.

Hawaii, by the way, would be the perfect place for the media to ask Alice Walker’s slogan-stealing dream candidate what he thinks of yet another one of her nutcase views: “People should know that Hawaii is a country and should be respected as such," she tells us. "Because it was forcibly annexed to the United States does not mean that it is the U.S., except by conquest."

These are the sorts of questions we have been waiting for the media to ask Barack Obama.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.