Top 10 Energy Questions For Speaker Pelosi

10. Two years ago, you said, “Democrats have a common-sense plan to lower gas prices.” Since you took over as Speaker of the House fuel prices have nearly doubled, which is punishing American families. Will you be releasing that common-sense plan anytime soon?

9. So far, your Democratic House of Representatives has done nothing but propose gimmicks. Your first energy gimmick was to pass a law that allows America to sue OPEC, apparently so we can become more dependent upon Middle East oil. This is puzzling to most Americans. Remind us again what that accomplishes?

8. Your second gimmick was “Use it or Lose it,” based on the notion that millions of acres of land with vast energy reserves are leased by oil companies but not being developed. Unfortunately, no independent geological association in America agreed with that wild claim. And during debate on the House floor, Democrats couldn’t identify even one acre where that was happening. How embarrassing was that?

7. Your next gimmick was to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is the nest egg for America’s energy security if a major foreign country cuts off fuel to the United States. You predicted that fuel prices would go down, but instead they continued to rise. Was that more embarrassing or less embarrassing than the “Use it or Lose it” fiasco?

6. Apparently assuming that failed ideas are reassuring to the public, recently you proposed to sell off 10% of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which you also predict will lower fuel prices. Unfortunately, that equals just 3.5 days of American oil, which changes nothing, so that gimmick collapsed on the House floor. Do you have any more ideas related to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, like selling it to China or donating it to a Hollywood charity?

5. You keep saying Republicans are beholden to Big Oil, which you despise and accuse of obscene profiteering. But I noticed your Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has accepted a whopping $809,000 from energy special interests this session — which I’m sure you’ll want to return. I’m just curious, but when can those oil companies expect their checks back?

4. Turning to your unique interpretation of the Constitution, you have stated repeatedly that the House of Representatives will not get a vote on exploring for more energy here in America, such as in our deep ocean waters or U.S. Arctic Reserve, no matter that the American public supports it 2-1. In your mind, do you believe America is a democracy or a dictatorship?

3. Two weeks ago you hastily shut down the House floor, turned off the lights, microphones and cameras so that the American public could not hear Republicans debate the energy crisis and the need for Congress to stay in session to pass an energy bill rather than head out on a five-week vacation. Do you still believe in open government and the freedom of speech, or did all that change when you became Speaker?

2. Last Sunday on the news show This Week you said Republicans would have to “get creative” to receive an up-or-down vote on the House floor to explore for more energy here in America. Our founding fathers were creative, too. They established a legislative body where the pressing issues of the day would be openly debated and the majority will of the elected representatives prevails. Are you afraid that, if a vote were taken, you would lose? (Isn’t America supposed to be a democracy of the people? )

1. Americans don’t get a vacation from high gas prices, but you sent Congress on a leisurely five-week vacation. Republicans have stood on the House floor all recess and pleaded with you to call Congress back into session and schedule an up-or-down vote on exploring for more oil and gas here in America. Aren’t American families and small businesses who are getting hammered by high gas prices more important than your book tour?

(Note to Speaker: I’ll get some of my friends to buy your darn book if you’ll come back to Washington and get back to work.)