John Edwards, Unperson

Editor’s Note: A few of you, dear readers, may be wondering why we haven’t published a report (or several) on the current travails of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, rising once more into the headlines after his narcissistic candidacy for the Democratic nomination failed to achieve a level of success greater than Dennis Kucinich’s.  The reason for our lack of coverage is quite simple.  We have designated him an Unperson.  

In Orwellian terms, this is a person who has been deleted from history, literature and memory, who is regarded not at all, as if he never existed.  If ever a man deserved this dishonor it is John Edwards.

Little more than this need be said.  It takes a uniquely corrupt and decadent man to use his cancer-stricken wife as a stage prop for his presidential campaign and be cheating on her at the same time.  

If you ever again see a news report or op-ed on the subject on Unperson Edwards in the pages of HUMAN EVENTS, please know it will have been a ghastly mistake.  Please notify me immediately, and steps will be taken promptly to address the error.