Day 2: Obama: Premature Babies Aren't People

Barack Obama worked to allow a gruesome practice, in which babies born alive after attempted abortions are left to die without medical care, to continue in Illinois.  National Review journalist David Freddoso’s new book, The Case Against Barack Obama, exposes the lengths to which Barack Obama went to protect this ghastly procedure.

Because of a loophole, doctors in Illinois had no legal obligation to treat these babies.  Under the law, they were non-persons.  Illinois legislators tried to close this loophole with a bill mandating that babies born alive during an abortion would have to be treated just like every other baby born prematurely.  The same laws and the same rules of medical ethics would apply to these born, living babies as to any other born, living human being.

On the federal level a similar bill passed 98-0 garnering a yea vote from pro-abortion stalwart Barbara Boxer.  But back in Illinois, Barack Obama had problems with this type of legislation.  He spoke on the floor of the Illinois Senate in opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act – in fact, he was the only senator to do so.  The following year he spoke against the born alive bill again.  As a rabid proponent of legalized abortion, Obama voted against the bill or worked for its defeat on three separate occasions.

From The Case Against Barack Obama:

The tiny newborn baby made very little noise as he struggled to breathe. He could not cry—he lacked the strength. He had been born four months premature.  “At that age,” says nurse Jill Stanek, “their lungs haven’t matured.” Stanek is the nurse who found herself cradling this tiny human being in her hands for all of his forty-five-minute lifetime. He was close to ten inches long. He weighed perhaps half a pound. It’s just a guess, no one had weighed or measured him at birth. No happy family had been there to welcome him into the world. No one was trying to save his life now, to put him into an incubator, to give him oxygen or nourishment. He had just been left to die.