Osama Driver Found Guilty

Salim Hamdan, the former driver for terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, was found guilty of supporting terrorism on Wednesday by a jury of six military officers.

The same jury at the Guantanamo Bay hearing cleared Hamdan of a conspiracy charge.

The judge in the case scheduled a sentencing hearing for later Wednesday. Hamdan could receive a sentence of life in prison on the terrorism charge.

Hamdan held his head in his hands and wept after a Navy captain read the sentence, according to the Associated Press. The jury deliberated for eight hours over three days before reaching the split verdict.

Hamdan’s case was the first to undergo a full trial at Guantanamo Bay and was an important test of the military commission system set up to try enemy combatants.

Hamdan was charged with transporting missiles for al-Qaida and helping bin Laden escape U.S. forces by driving him around Afghanistan. Hamdan’s defense attorneys said he was only a low-level bin Laden employee.


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