Day 1: Obama's Great Lie

"Barack Obama’s message that he is a reformer is a great lie," says National Review‘s David Freddoso.  His new book The Case Against Barack Obama states, "If Barack Obama is a reformer, he may be the first reformer ever to become president of the United States before doing anything serious in the name of reform."

A quick look at Obama’s record demonstrates his lack of willingness to engage in change and reform, dating from the beginning of his political career and continuing in his current service as U.S. senator.  Obama has a history of sidestepping controversial issues and votes–indeed, he voted "present" nearly 130 times while in the Illinois state senate, rather than take a stand and vote "yay" or "nay."

Recently reformers in Obama’s home state asked for help in breaking a log jam blocking the passage of several anti-corruption bills to help clean up Illinois’s state government-bills that mirror proposals Obama has promised as a presidential candidate.  Obama could’ve done so with one phone call to his close friend and political godfather, but instead did nothing.  Because of his refusal to take any action for reform, the bills were killed and only a weakened version of one of the seven reforms passed.

Barack Obama has clearly demonstrated his ability to play the Chicago political crony game in order to move himself up in the ranks of Democratic leadership.  He refused to engage in controversial issues and votes and his record is a sign to all voters that one thing is true: Barack Obama is in no way the great reformer he claims to be.

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