Happy Birthday, Barack!

Swift Boat publisher Regnery is sending Barack Obama a huge unwanted birthday present today, as it unleashes 250,000 copies of The Case Against Barack Obama.  According to company insiders, it is the largest initial printing in the company’s history.

The conservative publisher [sister company of Human Events] crippled John Kerry in his 2004 presidential bid with its publication of Unfit for Command.  “This book has the potential of turning the election in 2008, just as our Swift Boat book helped do in 2004,” explained John O’Neill, celebrated co-author of Unfit for Command.  “It reveals as much about Obama’s political career as our book did about Kerry’s military career.”

The Case Against Barack Obama is filled with shocking, yet fully documented details such as: 

— anti-reform, dirty Chicago politics that go far beyond Obama’s close friendship with convicted felon Tony Rezko;

— earmarks Obama obtained for his big donor friends in the construction industry, not to mention the potentially embarrassing details of an Obama-engineered $1 million earmark for his wife’s employer, after she received a $200,000 raise;

— chapter and verse on Obama’s positions on abortion that are radically to the Left of even most pro-choice Democrats.  (Even Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton disagreed with Barack’s refusal to support legislation that would have provided medical care to babies born alive during failed abortions.)  In fact, Freddoso points out that Obama has promised his very first act as president would be to re-legalize partial birth abortion, and remove all state-imposed restrictions, such as parental notification;

— Obama’s love-affair with taxes – including his vote to increase taxes on everyone making more than just $32,000.

It is widely accepted that the junior Senator from Illinois has had a free ride from the media so far, but with the publication of The Case Against Obama, that may soon come to a screeching halt. 


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