Rush Lifted Conservative Books

Book publishers used to live in a “field of dreams,” believing that if you build it, they will come. They would publish books which they personally found interesting (usually from their perch on the Upper East side), and then solicit a few reviews and hope sales would follow.

Too often, no one noticed.

Then, along came talk radio — and book publishers woke up to a brave new world of spicy commentary and unashamed opinions and politically incorrect give and take with guests and listeners. Here was a new, thriving, vibrant and robust arena for discussion of ideas and opinions and the day’s news – all the ingredients for a great author interview! Well, not all publishers woke up. In fact, most stayed stubbornly and happily asleep, ignoring talk radio and the millions of engaged, thinking, real live Americans who were tuning in.

Happily, Regnery answered that wake-up call. And who was on the other end of the line? Rush Limbaugh. Rush showed us that real Americans care about real issues — they get involved and excited and up in arms when the government tries to meddle in their lives, they proudly and loudly defend their county and their values and their beliefs against all onslaughts, and they love talk radio. More than anyone else, they love Rush Limbaugh.

At Regnery, we often say that TV watchers like TV, but radio listeners are the real book buyers. So, for the past 15 years, we have prioritized talk radio above all other media for our authors. The debates are more interesting, the discussion is more meaningful, and the results speak for themselves. And we know that, if Rush ever talks about one of our books, we see an immediate spike in demand. His listeners, along with the listeners to dozens of other great shows, are motivated to learn more about the world around them, and to take an active role in improving their lives for themselves and their families.

We also know, here at Regnery, that talk radio would not be thriving today were it not for Rush Limbaugh. From the beginning, Rush understood the very same principles we use to turn books into best-sellers, namely: it’s not enough just to identify your audience (although that’s a good start, and plenty of publishers would be miles ahead if they did only that!), but the real power of effective communication is when you actually like your audience. When you care about what they care about, when you care about what they have to say. That is, in large part, the recipe for our success. And the master chef is Rush Limbaugh.