Rush: Force of Nature

Four of nature’s most powerful forces to reckon with are a sow grizzly with cubs, a coiled rattlesnake at close range, Ted Nugent driving a rental car, and Rush Limbaugh seated in his command module ensconced behind the golden “EIB” microphone.

Surely one of life’s greatest rewards is driving idiots and intellectual cotton balls of all political stripes berserk by simply being who you are. As C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Enemy occupied territory — that is what the world is.” In other words, we live in a target rich environment. No human alive has caused more angst and frustration to liberals, socialists and mangy hippies than radio trailblazer Rush Limbaugh. I’m glad he doesn’t play guitar.

With half his brain tied behind his back, for the past 20 years Rush has driven liberals batty while entertaining tens of millions by simply being who he is: a man of passion, patriotism, good cheer, principles, conviction and armed with a razor sharp intellect.

Rush Limbaugh has blazed a broadcasting trail as a free thinker and as an independent, rugged, self-made individual who, at his core, believes in you — the individual American as the true agent of positive logical change that continues to propel this experiment in self government forward.

Rush Limbaugh believes the government that governs least, governs best. Who doesn’t? Only every liberal on the planet. That’s a principle that was embraced, promoted and built into our Republic by our Founding Fathers. (That’s why our Constitution doesn’t say that the government grants rights to citizens: it preserves our God-given rights.) Political labels aside, Rush’s core beliefs were given birth long ago by our Founding Fathers who harbored a fond distrust of an expansive federal government — the very socialistic system many Americans sadly continue to blindly embrace much to our nation’s detriment. Nary a one of our Founding Fathers would have embraced the liberal orthodoxy of the socialists who advocate feeding the already bloated, ineffective and inefficient Fedzilla. Rush is in good company.

Rush knows that liberalism/socialism isn’t just wrongheaded (and wildly amusing), but is a dangerous political ideology that runs counter to the very underpinnings of liberty and freedom. He knows that liberalism destroys opportunity, smothers creativity and enslaves people. In order for liberty and freedom to flourish, the shackles of liberalism must be discarded. Only a socialist bloodsucker would advocate more bureaucracy that smothers the uniquely American embers of liberty and freedom and entrepreneurialism.

In the arena of political, cultural, economic and social ideas where the arguments and debates swirl, Rush Limbaugh uncompromisingly wields a powerful “EIB” microphone crowbar of truth and common sense much to the chagrin of socialists. On the radio dial, there is no one more powerful, influential and entertaining. Rush didn’t just give AM radio a renewed lease on life 20 years, he conquered it, redefined it and set it on fire.

In his daily pursuit of broadcast excellence, he entertains millions of us with talent on loan from God with his thoughts, humor and analysis on the news while exposing liberal buffoonery. Though I was privileged and enjoyed joining him on more than one occasion, he needs no guests. His commentary and finely honed broadcast style and delivery is the magnet that draws millions of freedom addicts and seekers on a daily basis.

The Rush Limbaugh story is the American Dream personified. With a core set of beliefs on which to draw and an incredible work ethic, Rush set a course that has carried him to the highest peaks of the broadcasting universe. Still he continues to push the brass ring further from his own grasp, working hard to do better every day. Trying harder to be even better at your craft is the modus operandi of how the mountain peak of excellence and success is ultimately climbed. Success must always be rewarded, never punished.

If Rush has accomplished anything over the past 20 years, it has been relighting the fuse of activism inside Americans. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that because of Rush more Americans communicate with their elected officials, write letters to the editor of their local newspapers, attend more school board meetings and city council meetings, volunteer more, and donate more money to worthy causes than at any time
in our nation’s history. That, my friends, is the ultimate impact of Rush Limbaugh.

The Nugent family and freedom lovers all across America have immensely enjoyed the first 20 years and look forward to the next 20 years of Rush Limbaugh on the radio. And the man knows bumper music too. Rock on, Rush.