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Join us for the HUMAN EVENTS week-long tribute to Rush Limbaugh.


Celebrating Rush’s 20 Years of Broadcast Excellence

Join us for the HUMAN EVENTS week-long tribute to Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t just a radio personality. In American politics, he’s a force of nature. On Friday, August 1, Rush will be celebrating his 20th anniversary on national radio. It’s an important milestone that all conservatives should celebrate, and HUMAN EVENTS will lead the way.

Join us every day next week for articles by Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Mark Levin, Michael Reagan, David Limbaugh and many more as well as a special one-on-one interview with Rush only here on HUMAN EVENTS.

We’ll have something new every day of the week building up to the August 1 anniversary date. This is going to be important, and a lot of fun. HUMAN EVENTS invites you to join us in celebrating Rush and what he does every day to propel the American conservative debate.

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