Barry S. Trubama

In a July 15, 2008, Washington, D.C. speech titled “A New Strategy For A New World,” Barry Obama reincarnated himself as Harry S. Truman with his own Marshall Plan he claims will “lead this country in a new direction” where he will not be “distracted from the most pressing threats that we [America] face.”  Obama said he will keep America safe without placing the entire burden of protecting the U.S. on the military President Bush unnecessarily sent into in Iraq.

Obama used World War II as his analogy for his presidential plans.  His correlation to WWII completely contradicted his anti-war stance: Obama explained how Truman and U.S. forces came up with a plan to “contain” the enemy overseas while creating democracy for freedom.  In case Obama hasn’t noticed, President Bush’s plan these past seven years has contained the enemy on their soil, versus fighting them on U.S. soil, and helped the Iraqi and Afghan people build their own democracy for self-determination and sovereignty.

Bush’s plans on the other hand have been “overarching strateg[ies]… meet[ing]… challenges” Obama claims the U.S. has failed to accomplish.  Obama has made these claims many times, yet he’s never been to Iraq or spoke to Generals Patraeus and Crocker. Obama talks about strategies, military force, and unhappy Iraqi people despite hearing opinions beyond Congress and media Armchair Generals.

Obama might want to wait until his planned visit to Iraq is over before making assumptions.  It’s always best to ask those in charge of the actual fight how the war is operating, not pollsters asking people who get all their information via the New York Times.

Obama’s speech was based upon General Marshall’s plan and Harry S. Truman’s actions as Commander and Chief.  The analysis basically claimed President Bush has not worked with anyone; rather he has acted entirely alone without the help of military instruction.  Obama compared U.S. post 9/11 actions to Truman’s actions: “imagine for a moment, what we could have done in those days, and months, and years after 9/11.  We could have deployed the full force of American power to hunt down and destroy Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Taliban…the terrorists responsible for 9/11…”

Bush did exactly that: he sent the U.S. into Afghanistan to hunt down those responsible and take down the Taliban.  The fact bin Laden has not been caught does not mean our military are lying around in poppy fields sun tanning themselves.  Obama’s comments are insulting to the men and women fighting terrorists and searching for Osama bin Laden.  Those days, those months, these past seven years have not been for nothing; they have been a fight to stop terror and contain it where it breeds. 

As for the Civil Rights Truman: President Truman dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan in 1945 and committed U.S. troops to Korea in 1950.  The Korean War was the first full-scale war waged without a congressional declaration of war.  Truman cited the 1945 ratified UN Charter as legal rationalization.  Truman also declared he had sweeping executive powers to deploy troops to Korea.  Truman insisted he had a responsibility to the free world to fight communism and “the congressional power to declare war has fallen into abeyance because wars are no longer declared in advance.

Obama’s speech never owned up to the Democrat-led Manhattan Project or undeclared Korean War; there was more concern that Bush may have alienated the U.S. from a friendship with Iran. 

Obama does not recognize Iraq as a justified war since he did not vote in favor of strikes.  Marshall’s helping to plot WWII and end the war with force however is justified since Marshall created a reconstruction plan.  Bush has done the same since both wars started, but democrats squawked at the 2003 $87 billion dollar spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan.  It might have taken money from amnesty projects.

Obama considers the Iraq War gratuitous to our National Security.  He claims the U.S. is distracted.  We’re not focusing on safety, economics, and befriending rogue nations threatening Israel’s sovereignty: “We could have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in alternative sources of energy to grow our economy, save our planet, and end the tyranny of oil.”  In that case, Bush should claim emergency economic powers and seize control of Iraq’s oil reserves.   At least it would solve the problem of where to get oil.

The entire speech said everything and nothing at all.  This is a man who has always voted against the U.S. military, never supported the surge, but has, to his credit, showed up for three votes during his four years on the Senate floor.  Obama’s only record in the Senate is that of running for president, yet he claims he has the “sound strategy” for winning the war in Iraq. 

Americans have heard Obama state he has a timeline and a plan.  So far the Senator has not explained what that plan is or how it will be conducted aside from spending money where money is needed, staying where troops are needed, and then leaving Iraq when the job is done.  This will allegedly happen by 2010 if Obama is elected president. 

It’s too bad Bush never pondered such a plan as winning a war and keeping America safe from terrorist attacks.