Caption Contest Winner: It's a Bird? It's a Plane?

We kicked off the HUMAN EVENTS caption contest last week with your chance to win $50 for the wittiest phrase. And though HUMAN EVENTS wants to be conservatism for grown ups, we can’t be serious all the time.  With over 100 submissions, it was hard to nail the most fitting caption, but George Bowser of Apex, North Carolina, stood out to each of our six judges.

Bowser’s Caption: Sarkozy to Bush:  “And there’s France’s newest Boeing mid-air refueling tanker.”

Bowser and each weekly winner’s name will be printed in the HUMAN EVENTS print edition as well. Look for the next caption contest this Monday and send your best captions to before noon on Thursday.
The clever and funny combination had us laughing out loud. Here’s the photograph that won George Bowser $50 from HUMAN EVENTS: