Introducing RedState 3.0

It has been a year in coming — a long year.  But today I’m pleased to announce that the third version of RedState launches.  Well, really we flipped the switch early Saturday morning, but today is the official day, timed for the start of our fifth year.

Over the next week we will be refining the site to make sure it can handle high volumes of traffic.  We will be turning on new features. And we will be aggressively gearing up our activism.

The most useful new tool at RedState 3.0 is the “Get Local” box.  Starting now, any user can categorize his writings by state.  The user’s writings will show up on the front page of the state site he has chosen.  This will help us build up our network of local and state activists.  We want to encourage RedState users, many of whom are not excited by the Presidential election, to focus on the fight in their community and state.

Additionally, users will be able to put their cell phone number on file.  If there is a pressing, immediate need for action, RedState will be able to text message users with all the data needed to take immediate action, along with a phone number to call directly from their cell phone.  Readers will also continue to be encouraged to join our action alerts, which are rapidly becoming an effective way to push members of Congress on key issues.

Over the past four years RedState has become, according to a George Washington University survey, the most influential and widely read right of center blog on Capitol Hill.  It is our intention, with our readers, to expand our efforts down to the states.  At the same time, we want to provide our readers tools to help them network with each other.  We will be rolling out some very special tools to accomplish that over the next few months.

In the meantime, please stop by and check out the new look.  The user interface is simpler, the readability of the site is easier on the eyes, and the commitment to the cause is stronger than effort.

All this week we will have some very special posts from conservatives across the country welcoming in our fifth year and discussing serious issues on which those on the right must unite behind to advance.