Do It All, Do It Now, Do It For America

The message from the American people is loud and clear.

American Solutions has worked with three different pollsters, Kellyanne Conway, Frank Luntz and David Winston, and in every case the message is the same:

Americans want to go back to the “can do, get it done, cut through the red tape” style of our parents and grandparents in World War II to bring down high energy prices.

  • Americans want American energy resources developed to bring down prices.
  • Americans want American technology and know how used to increase conservation and create alternative fuels.
  • Americans want to do it all, do it now, and do it for America.

Do It All: Americans Are Calling for Dramatic Action on Every Front

Americans reject tiresome arguments about false tradeoffs between more energy versus new technology versus conservation.

We want it all done at the same time and with the same intensity of speed and effort.

Today, American Solutions is releasing an analysis by pollster Frank Luntz which proves conclusively the American people are ready for dramatic action on every front.

Do It Now: Before High Energy Prices Lead to Runaway Inflation

Americans want action now because we are deeply worried by all the indicators of breakdown and stress we see around us.

Americans are first and foremost worried about the impact of high energy prices on our own lives and our family budgets.

But we are also worried about the increasingly stressed airline industry and the very real threat of it collapsing under the pressure of high aviation fuel prices.

We are worried that the ripple effect of high prices for trucking, travel, and petroleum and natural gas based manufacturing may be the forerunner of a big jump in inflation.

Americans are watching the stock market slide into bear market levels as the combination of the subprime mess, the shaky financial system and the high price of oil all pound on the values of our savings, our pension plans, and our retirement hopes.

Obama, McCain, Bush and Congress Should Spend the Next Six Weeks Developing a Comprehensive Energy Bill

Americans believe deeply that these problems can be solved if only our leaders would quit campaigning and suspend partisan fighting for six weeks to take steps to strengthen America.

Americans would like to see the two Presidential candidates suspend their campaigns for the six weeks – from now to the Democratic National Convention – and come back to Washington to work together and get something done.

Americans would like to see President Bush and the House and Senate stay in Washington until an effective, powerful comprehensive energy bill is passed.

If we can’t afford to go on vacation, why should they?

World War II Proved That Speed Is Possible

Callista and I recently traveled to Pointe du Hoc on the coast of Normandy in northern France to film a documentary about President Reagan.

While I was there I reflected on the fact that the landings at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, came just two years and six months after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor (see my two novels Pearl Harbor and Days of Infamy for a study of how much worse it could have been).

In that short 30 month period, America produced new science, new equipment, and new trained forces on a scale that enabled us to take on and defeat Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan at the same time.

The Type of Determination to Simultaneously Build B-17s, B-24s, B-29s, Aircraft carriers, a Merchant Marine, and Much Else Key To Solving Energy Crisis Today

Between Pearl Harbor and the surrender of Japan, America built:

  • 102 aircraft carriers
  • 5,626 merchant ships
  • The merchant marine grew from 55,000 seamen to 250,000
  • 273,882 aircraft, including simultaneously producing the three most powerful heavy bombers
    • 12,761 B-17s
    • 18,481 B-24s
    • 3,895 B-29s

The accomplishment of building three different heavy bombers at the same time is an important key to understanding the right strategy for American energy today.

For today’s energy crisis, we can and should develop simultaneously all our existing systems of energy and develop both new systems of energy and new systems of conservation.

We Need Simultaneous Long-Term and Short-Term Breakthroughs

The great lesson of World War II is to do it all and do it fast.

We need more development of American oil and gas reserves.

We need dramatically more effort to develop our coal reserves (the largest in the world) and use them for new gasoline substitutes (something South Africa has been doing for decades) as well as a primary source of low-cost electrical power.

We need an extraordinary increase in our reliance on nuclear power.

We need more use of alternatives like wind, hydrogen, solar, biofuels and hybrids.

We need flexfuel vehicles so that you the consumer can decide which fuel you want to use and not be trapped into any one energy regime.

And we need to end the culture of litigation that is contributing to the problem. To take just one example, an environmental group is suing to block BP from expanding its oil refinery capacity in Whiting, Indiana, an expansion that would bring an additional 620 million gallons of gas to U.S. consumers each year.

More than 1.3 Million “Drill Here, Drill Now” Signatures Being Sent to Congress Today

Today, American Solutions will deliver to Congress the signatures of more than 1.3 million Americans who have signed our “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition.

Another 2,300,000 Americans have viewed the video “Three Ways to Lower Gas Prices”

As this picture demonstrates, the campaign is catching fire all across America.

With permission from Phil Johnson from Pinehurst, TX

But Drilling is Just the Beginning, Not the End of the Solution

Despite this amazing response, we do not believe that drilling is the end of the answer to our energy problems. On the contrary, it is the indispensable beginning.

We recognize that there are 240,000,000 cars and trucks in the current fleet and that we need to take steps in the short run to bring down the price of gas for working and retired Americans.

We recognize that the airlines are under enormous financial stress and we need to bring down the cost of aviation fuel to save the jobs of the airlines employees and to save the budgets of airline travelers.

We recognize that truckers are being devastated by the rise in diesel fuel and we could presently face both a crisis of effective transportation as truckers go broke and suffer a big jump in inflation as energy prices are passed on in every form.

We also recognize that the skyrocketing price of natural gas has been driving American chemical industry jobs offshore.

Just as we need a comprehensive strategy, we need short term, immediate steps to relieve the American people.

Now Congress Officially Has No Excuse Not to Act

President Bush announced yesterday that he is lifting the presidential ban on offshore drilling. Congress has now officially run out of excuses not to follow suit.

Now is the time to tell Congress that you want action, not words.

The most effective campaign strategy for anyone who wants to represent us in Washington ought to be to get the job done. NOW.

When they come and ask for your vote, ask for their action.

Millions of Americans can’t afford to travel with gas prices this high.

Before Congress goes on vacation, they should stay in Washington and pass an effective energy program to allow Americans to go on vacation again.

Do It For America

The lesson of World War II is that when America is facing a crisis we should drown our opponents and competitors in productive capabilities.

But that’s not the only lesson.

We should do it all and do it now, but we should also do it for America.

It is important to remember that there is a patriotic drive and determination behind our needed energy policy. The campaign for a 21st century secure energy program is about more than the price of filling our gas tanks.

It’s about protecting America by cutting off the flow of our dollars to the foreign dictators that control so much of our oil supply.

It’s about coming together and flexing our national muscles to make life better.

It’s about honoring the sacrifice of our parents and grandparents by giving our children and grandchildren a better America than the one we inherited.

America’s ready to stop talking and take action. Isn’t it time Washington got ready as well?

A Company Loses 13,000 Pounds

Finally, I want to highlight a company that is leading the way in rethinking how we think about health care in America.

Our health care system is so broken it is beyond reform; it needs to be transformed. This new system must be centered on the individual instead of bureaucracy and focus on prevention and wellness instead of acute care. That’s why I founded the Center for Health Transformation (CHT) – a collaboration of health leaders dedicated to transforming America’s health care system into this new model.

A transformational healthcare solution can come from an individual, a company or a government entity – though I believe the latter is last to board the train. One company realized that in order to be transformational in the healthcare field, it had to be transformed from the inside.

As part of our expansive national outreach project at CHT, I spent the day with leaders of Alegent Health in Omaha. CEO Wayne Sensor also believes in the power of preventative medicine and became dedicated to making his employees healthy. And by doing so, he transformed Alegent’s healthcare business vision.

At the event, we watched video highlights of the many achievements with consumer driven healthcare Alegent has undertaken, including a combined loss of 13,000 pounds by employees and a remarkable 500 participants that stopped smoking.

You can watch these video highlights here

Your friend,

Newt Gingrich

P.S.A Plea From Two Packers Fans – Paul Lubbers is my son-in-law, but we share more than family ties. He’s also a fellow shareholder in the Green Bay Packers. And as responsible shareholders, we – like many of those invested in the Green & Gold – feel compelled to speak out on the turmoil surrounding the return of Brett Favre to the NFL and whether or not he should wear Packer’s uniform.

Should Favre have taken some time (like he did the past few years) to rest, recover and reclaim some perspective? Yes. Did he make a bad decision to retire? Also Yes. Should Ted Thompson and the Packers welcome him back to Packers family? Absolutely!!

For the last 16 years, football fans have all had the opportunity to watch Favre display his many gifts as a quarterback, breaking every NFL record, and leading the Packers to the playoffs 11 times during his tenure. His performance last year proved beyond a doubt that he can still play.

I understand that the Packers have made plans to build the offense around Aaron Rodgers, but plans are made to change. And in this case the Packers should adjust their plans quickly to bring back Favre. Can you imagine Favre as a Viking or even worse a Chicago Bear?

The fact is Brett Favre made a bad decision, kind of like when he throws one of his record-setting interceptions. Now it is the Packers turn to change their mind and put the ball back in Favre’s hands, so that he can again throw some more record setting touchdowns wearing Packer Green & Gold.

P.P.S. — If you haven’t seen this video of Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tex.) addressing Congress on the subject of government mandates in lighting, you really should. It’s a brilliant dissection of the unintended consequences of command and control environmental policies. I think you’ll agree with me that the issue isn’t what light bulb is better or worse – it’s whether the government has any business mandating which ones we have to buy.

And while you’re at youtube, watch my video on the lessons for our government and our culture from the collapse of Detroit. Almost 70,000 Americans have already done so.