Let the Energy Buffalo Run Free

We’ve got plenty of energy in America. What we don’t have are statesmen willing to let the free market here capture it, process it and sell it.

Instead of wisely utilizing our abundant energy, America has been strangled by
various federal government bureaucracies, untold reams of burdensome government  regulations and counterproductive policies, corrupt environmental special interest groups, and professional politicians who will bend whichever way the prevailing political winds blow.

These are the reasons America hasn’t built a new oil refinery or new nuclear reactor in thirty or so years. Instead, as billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens accurately stated the other day, we are transferring hundreds of billions of our national treasury to other nations. Even to our enemies. Truly bizarre.

Call me crazy, but I thought the goal of America was to be independent. It’s time to call a spade a spade. We are energy slaves to lesser countries. They own us. And unless we resurrect that unstoppable, mighty spirit of rugged independent individualism of our forefathers and throw off the energy shackles, these nations can permanently cripple, if not kill, our economy. The situation is that grave.

I’m not concerned whatsoever that America doesn’t have vast reserves of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and intellectual capital that could make us energy independent. My concern is that we have become so reliant and dependent on Fedzilla (aka the US government) to solve all of our problems that we will once again rely on the bureaucratic blob in DC to solve this problem, too. That could be a career ending injury.
Fedzilla isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. Continuing to feed Fedzilla and expecting it to become lean, responsive and efficient is the definition of lunacy. As Milton Friedman " If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand."  If there are any statesmen left in DC, I challenge them to stand before their fellow professional politicians in the US Capitol and state that Fedzilla — not the energy companies, not energy speculators and not our energy slave masters — is America’s number one energy problem.

Of course we should drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Had we done what we should have done ten years ago to assure America’s independence, we would have been drilling in ANWR long ago. Had Senators Obama and McCain put America’s independence first, they would have brought up legislation to drill in ANWR instead of voting to make America more energy dependent. What’s with these guys?

The same goes for off shore drilling. Environmental special interests have locked up over 80% of energy rich off shore areas from American energy companies. As George Will illuminated in his brilliant June 5, 2008 op-ed “The Gas Prices We Deserve,” it is estimated the energy in these areas contains over 80 billion barrels of oil and over 400
trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Wonderful. What will Fedzilla think of next to strangle energy independence?

Governor Schwarzenegger recently stated California would not permit off shore drilling. Once again, a politician who would rather see America an energy slave than a thriving, energy independent powerhouse. He’s so Hollywood.

America gets 20% of our electricity from 104 nuclear power plants. Europe generates 80% of its electricity from nuclear power. Nuclear power is the cleanest, most efficient, safest energy source we could harness. Senator McCain has proposed building 40 more nuclear power plants. I say we build three times that many and sell the excess energy! Senator Obama is not so sure about nuclear power. What, Senator Obama, are you not so sure about? I’m sure about you.

Instead of supporting nuclear power, what Senator Obama is sure about is slapping a punitive windfall profits tax on the oil companies. Anyone with an ounce of business acumen will tell you that taxing a business more will not lead to more innovation, more expansion, more hiring, or more productivity.

As radio freeman Neil Boortz recently pointed out, the windfall profits tax proposed by Senator Obama will hurt you — the individual investor — because ordinary Americans own 98.5% of energy companies through mutual funds and individual stocks. We are suffering from terminal shoot self in foot disease.

Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens is sinking billions into harnessing the wind to generate power. Currently America receives about 5% or our energy through wind. While Mr. Pickens is free to spend his money on wind energy, at best America will generate 20% of our energy through wind power. My money says nuclear power is the way to go. The answer to our energy woes is not blowing in the wind.

Call me a radical, call me crazy, but I crave freedom, liberty and independence. There were 56 guys who obviously felt the same way because they signed their names to a bold, extreme independence document some 232 years ago and pledged their lives and fortunes for freedom. Those are my kind of radicals. Call me extreme, but call me often.

Today, as in right here, right now, right this moment, some enterprising energy executive, energy engineer, or entrepreneur, must pick up the phone and call or e-mail a few of his patriotic buddies and convene an Energy War Council next week to solve this self inflicted fiasco. No Fedzilla bureaucrats allowed, as they will only retard the progress of such a group.

Let’s get it on America, and turn to face the howling storm like the American Bison. It is time for a defiant American beast once again. I smell a stampede and like it.