Who is our Enemy? Rep. Delahunt Doesn't Seem to Know

Last week, David Addington, top aide to Vice President Cheney, appeared before Congressman John Conyers’ Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.  They were discussing the alleged use of torture by the Bush Administration.  At the hearing, House members questioned Addington about the discussion of methods of interrogation between the Administration and the Pentagon.  Democrat members, especially William Delahunt (D-Ma), thought Addington was evading the questions and this exchange ensued.

DELAHUNT: Was waterboarding one of them?

That’s what I’m answering, because I know where you’re headed. As I indicated to the chairman at the beginning of this thing, I’m not in a position to talk about particular techniques, whether they are or aren’t used or could or couldn’t be used or their legal status.

And the reasons I would give for that, if you’ll look at, I think, Exhibit 9, the president’s speech of September 6, 2006, explains why he doesn’t talk about what particular techniques…

Oh, I can understand why he doesn’t talk about it.

ADDINGTON: But you’ve got to communicate with Al Qaeda. I can’t talk to you. Al Qaeda may watch "C-SPAN."

DELAHUNT: Right. Well, I’m sure they are watching and I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you, Mr. Addington.

Watching the hearing, the language and tone used by Cong. Delahunt stopped me in my tracks.  It’s totally clear that Delahunt thinks Addington is more of a danger to us and our way of life than Al Queda is.  This passes politics:  it’s some sort of psychiatric disorder.  And it’s typical of liberals.

Our enemies are the Islamofacists who are intent on killing westerners and ending our way of life in order to recreate an Islamic Caliphate to dominate the world.  In the past, because of stupid Democrats pressing for information or revealing it themselves on the floor of the House or Senate, Al Qaeda and our enemies have gotten strategic information and tipping them off to the tactics we are using to fight them.  With elected officials such as these, how can we win the war?  And will we even survive?

What is even worse is people like Bill Delahunt — Democrats — believe that the Bush Administration is more of an enemy to this country than Al Qaeda is.  In the darkest days of the Clinton Administration and in recent days as it becomes more apparent that they turned a blind eye to the terrorist threats that surrounded us in the nineties, I never believed they were enemies of America — misguided, poll-driven and unpatriotic — but never enemies.

Delahunt quickly took to the airwaves and said that under no circumstances was he implying during the hearing that Al Qaeda should target Addington.  This is the same guy that only a week before when questioning Scott McClellan about his betrayal of the Bush Administration said, “These are people who have impeccable, Republican, conservative credentials, and they need to be listened to.” Scott McClellan has impeccable credentials? I guess, if you don’t have “impeccable” credentials, say like you are one of the Vice President’s top aides, you should be targeted by Al Qaeda.  What kind of bizarre world does this guy live in — oh yea, the one where Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house.  The one where you believe our enemies over the President of the United States.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney are not perfect and have made many mistakes, but their instincts and implementation of interrogation of enemy combatants has been right. The only proof we need is that we’ve gone almost seven years since 9-11 without a terrorist attack in America.   

Delahunt and his ilk are living in a September 10th world along with Senator Barack Obama and General Wesley Clark.  The want to go back to the good old days of the 90’s when we turned down Sudan’s offer of bin Laden on a silver platter because we didn’t have enough “evidence” to indict him.  

Delahunt can’t apologize for these remarks because it won’t help.  His is a mindset that believes the Bush presidency and anyone associated with it are more of threat to us than Al Qaeda is.  The only answer to that kind of mindset is to vote liberals out of office and defeat them politically everywhere they are so that liberalism will never again take a foot hold in our foreign policy, national security or domestic policy.  

That sounds like a strong and impossible goal for a country where conservatives are fractured and looking for a leader and liberals have their guy on the cover of Rolling Stone with a light behind his head.  But regardless of what the “can’t we all get along” liberal press is praying for, this nation is still right of center and wants to win wars, grow the economy and trust elected officials to know the difference between a real fight and a political fight in an election year.  

George Bush and Dick Cheney will never be on another ballot again and Delahunt and his gang will beat them up until they go, and probably afterward too.  The American people are the ones put at risk by the Delahunts of the world.  He needs to open his eyes and see who the real enemies are.  As a liberal, he is certainly incapable of such action.