Declare Energy Independence on July 4th

Something is happening in America as this July 4th approaches.

On the internet, they call it “going viral” when a video or an article begins to spread rapidly and widely with no promotion, just through the strength of its timing and message.

This Fourth of July week, the idea that Congress is failing the American people when it comes to high energy costs – the idea that America can and should produce more of our energy needs – and the idea that there will be political consequences for the elected officials who ignore this sentiment – all these ideas are going viral.

An Explosion of Interest on the Internet

Consider this:

  • In just two hours last Friday, an amazing 15,000 people watched this video on YouTube in which I discuss three ways Congress could act now to lower the price of gas. As of today, over 1 million people have viewed the video.
  • Over 1.2 million Americans have now signed American Solutions’ “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition calling on Congress to act immediately to lower gas and diesel prices and help achieve energy independence.
  • American Solutions’ new video on YouTube, “Energy Independence Day” was posted just yesterday and has already been viewed hundreds of times.

And here’s something that just crossed my desk. John Bredeson is a trucker who is sick and tired of higher and higher diesel prices but little action from Congress. So he’s turned his trucks into moving billboards to encourage real change in our energy policy, including a massive “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” logo! Watch the video here.

Our Chance to Make This Friday Energy Independence Day

The challenge now – our challenge – is to take this spontaneous outpouring of energy and concern and translate it into action in Washington.

So I’m calling on everyone one last time to act now, while there’s still time. Call or email your representative or senators and let them know what’s happening online.

If they’re coming home for the Fourth of July holiday, catch up with them in person at a parade or a backyard barbecue and ask them why they aren’t taking these three simple steps to lower gas prices.

Ask them if they know the facts about offshore drilling, America’s vast reserves of shale oil, and how opening up new areas to environmentally safe drilling would have an immediate impact on gas prices.

We All Know What Happened the Last Time an American Declaration of Independence Was Ignored…

However you’re most comfortable doing it, make sure you deliver this message: This 4th of July isn’t business as usual. Not this time. Not this year.

This Independence Day the American people are declaring our independence from high energy prices, from foreign dictators, and from pathetic excuses for inaction in Washington.

This 4th of July we’re declaring our energy independence.

And we all know what happened to the last ruling elite that ignored an American declaration of independence…

Congressman Delahunt Should Apologize or Face Expulsion from Congress

By far and away the most sour note struck this Independence Day holiday was the outrageously irresponsible and un-American comments made by Congressman William Delahunt (D-Mass.) to vice presidential chief of staff David Addington in a hearing last week.

Rep. Delahunt repeatedly asked Mr. Addington about the use of waterboarding when interrogating enemy combatants. Mr. Addington replied that he could not discuss interrogation techniques because, as he said, “al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN.”

“Right,” Delahunt responded. “Well, I’m sure they are watching, and I’m glad they finally have the chance to see you, Mr. Addington.” View this disgraceful exchange for yourself here.

For his unconscionable expression of pleasure at the prospect of murderous al Qaeda being able to identify an American public servant, Rep. Delahunt, in the very least, owes Mr. Addington an apology. If he refuses to apologize, his colleagues in Congress should move to expel him. There is no place in Congress for a pro-al Qaeda, anti-American public official.

Watch My Rediscovering God in America Speech This Sunday

On Sunday I had the pleasure of speaking to 6,000 people in two services at First Baptist Church Atlanta, where Dr. Charles Stanley is the senior pastor.

I spoke about a two-fold threat to our civilization – one from within and one from without.

The first threat is from the radical secular left who have been engaged in a sustained and systematic effort to remove God from the public square. These revisionists seek to redefine America by changing our very history, blocking the replacement generation – students – from learning about our Godly heritage. They have been winning, and America has been losing. We are losing our unique sense of who were are as a people by losing the centrality of God in our history.

The second threat is from the irreconcilable wing of Islam which seeks to destroy and replace Western Civilization with its radical doctrines that oppress and subvert freedom.

I was grateful to Dr. Stanley, who said about Rediscovering God in America, “No child or grandchild should be without this book” and that “arguing with this book is like arguing with stone.” You can buy the book and DVD at the store.

My remarks will broadcast nationwide this coming Sunday on the Charles Stanley Ministries. You can check here to find a local station.

Show Rediscovering God in America at your church

We received an overwhelming response to the announcement last week that churches and community organizations can show my video, “Rediscovering God in America,” for their congregations and interested members.

If you’re interested, just visit here to learn how.

Finally, Thanks to the Men and Women Keeping Us Safe This Independence Day…

I want to close today by thanking all the men and women who are sacrificing to keep us safe this 4th of July, and the families and loved ones who are sacrificing with them.

Watching this video last weekend reminded me of how great the distance is between our troops serving overseas and the families at home who love them, miss them and worry about them.

My father served in the infantry for 27 years so I know a little bit about what some of these families are going through.

And I know that I speak for all of us when I say that this 4th of July, the men and women of the military, our diplomatic corps, our intelligence services, border patrol, drug enforcement, FBI and local police and fire departments are in our prayers – and so too are their families.

May they and all Americans have a safe and happy Independence Day.

Your friend,

Newt Gingrich

P.S. Obama Kills Thirty Years of Campaign Finance Failure: Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s refusal to limit his campaign spending in order to accept public financing in the general election – after promising to do so at the outset of his campaign – is the death knell of so-called campaign finance reform like the McCain-Feingold law. No further proof is needed that government limits on political speech have been a fiasco and a failure. Congress should replace McCain-Feingold with a simple system of unlimited personal after-tax contributions with real time reporting on the internet.