Top 10 Richest Members of the Senate

It is difficult to know exactly what a lawmaker is worth based on what they file because the disclosure forms do not require exact values. Instead, the lawmaker reports a range of value for their assets. To calculate net worth, the Center for Responsive Politics added the lawmaker’s range of assets and subtracted the range of liabilities, calculating the midpoint of the resulting range and using that figure to rank the filers. Figures are from 2006.

1. John Kerry (D.-Mass.)  $267,789,805

2. Herb Kohl (D.-Wis.)         $171,423,011

3. Edward M. Kennedy (D.-Mass.)         $102,822,519

4. Jay Rockefeller (D.-W.Va.)        $91,713,012

5. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.)               $79,555,657

6. Frank R. Lautenberg (D.-N.J.)              $79,051,090

7. Elizabeth Dole (R.-N.C.)                $43,867,072

8. John McCain (R.-Ariz.)                 $36,431,099

9. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.)                $30,691,003

10. Lamar Alexander (R.-Tenn.)               $27,800,155