Reader Spotlight: George Krauss

For George Krauss, a retired Air Force pilot, HUMAN EVENTS is “like a ray of sunshine on a very dark day.”

“When you live in a blue state like Delaware with a pro-Democrat media, [Human Events] is a great way to stay informed on the view from the right with all-star contributors,” said Krauss, 51, who reads the HUMAN EVENTS Web site every day.

Although he has only been a subscriber for two years, Krauss first began reading HUMAN EVENTS four years ago when his father, a retired Marine who served in World War II and the Korean conflict, showed him a copy.

A former Blue Dog Democrat, Krauss says the Democratic Party left him. He found a comfortable home in the Republican Party in the days of Ronald Reagan. Although Krauss identifies himself as a conservative, he says his beliefs are drifting more to the “independent” side, as he feels the current Republican Party under the Bush Administration has abandoned the conservative foundations shaped by Reagan.

HUMAN EVENTS is a “very powerful influence” for Krauss, and he appreciates that the publication presents “both the positives of the conservative movement but also the mistakes that are made.”

A frequent visitor to the online version of HUMAN EVENTS, Krauss thinks the site is “laid out so well, like a newspaper in its entirety.” He likes being able to click on to Red State easily, as well as browse the headlines.

Although Krauss regards each HUMAN EVENTS writer and contributor as a “true patriot,” he especially looks forward to columns by Robert Spencer and Ann Coulter.

Krauss followed in his father’s military footsteps, serving in the Air Force for 21 years (1976-97), flying in both war and peace-time missions. He now resides just outside of Dover Air Force Base with his wife, whom he met in Germany. They have one son who is studying political science at a South Carolina university. To stay informed of national and international news, Krauss encouraged his son to read HUMAN EVENTS, passing the publication down to another generation.

Disappointed at his fellow Americans for forgetting September 11 and “not getting that Islamo-fascism is just as dangerous now,” Krauss submits a bi-weekly Letter to the Editor to the Delaware State News to expound the conservative view.

“People can’t stand what I have to say, but when you speak from the heart, you speak the truth,” Krauss said. “We have to continue the fight to write the right.”

HUMAN EVENTS recently began a new series called the “Reader Spotlight.” If you want to nominate someone to be interviewed, please e-mail Ericka Andersen,, with his/her name and contact information.