Obama's Faux-Presidential Seal

Barack Obama stepped in it this time or sat behind it, that is. Sitting at a short rostrum at a meeting with Democrat governors, Barack Obama launched the “seal” of his campaign. His image makers figure that if they want him to look presidential and not like a little kid who is not ready for prime time — they created something that looked like the Seal of the President of the United States. The problem is he looks more like he’s participating in a Saturday Night Live sketch, instead of being presidential.


If you have ever been to an event attended by the president, you know that the handling of the seal is a big deal. The carrying of the seal is a big deal and you know that when that guy comes out and puts the seal on the rostrum, it’s almost time for The President of the United States of America to come out and that is a big deal, too. The elements of the President’s seal have meaning. The eagle holds in its beak a banner flying above its head with the Latin phrase “e pluribus unum” which translates to English as “out of many, one.” The meaning of this motto is multifold: suggesting that out of many colonies or states emerge a single nation; out of many peoples, races and ancestry of nationalities have emerged a single people and nation. Above the banner are the thirteen stars representing the original states and above the stars thirteen clouds. In the eagle’s right talon, it clutches an olive branch with thirteen leaves signifying peace. In the eagle’s left talon it clutches a bundle of thirteen arrows symbolizing military might. The 50 stars in the outer circle represent the number of U.S. states.

Barack Obama was trying to look presidential behind the seal which has the eagle with the olive branches and arrows in its talons. He puts at the center, his logo which is an artist’s representation of and “O” as a rising sun over the horizon. The Latin “e pluribus unum” is replaced by “vero possemus,” which is not a bunch of opossums, but a bad translation to “yes, we can.” At least it doesn’t use the Spanish equivalent — “si, si puede” but that’s already the slogan of illegal immigrant groups.

Surrounding the eagle are a couple of advertising slogans — “Obama for America” and This poor attempt to make Obama look presidential just makes him look like a bad actor in an infomercial looking for money.

The left thinks it’s wonderful, the sooner he can be president, the better and pretending to put a seal in front of him makes them feel they are one step closer. But there is something very wrong here. This candidate and his campaign appear to have no idea what American history is and what it means. They don’t understand the lives and blood that have been spent adding honor and glory to each part of the Seal of the President of the United States.

Right now, the Obama Campaign has too much money and this along with the campaign ads running in states he has no chance of winning, they are just trying to burn through the money they have left for the primary season. The Obama folks are betting that if there is uproar over this, there is enough time to back down and for the candidate to say, “That wasn’t the seal that I knew.” They are trying things and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t.

On the Sunday morning talk shows all the Obama surrogates and the clips of the candidate himself were sporting flag pins. The candidate is trying to portray his life in an un-Trinity Church of Christ way with his mom and apple pie ad running in Red states across the country. And the campaign is keeping the candidate farther away from the press and limiting access to traveling press members.

Two weeks ago, the heads of 6 major news bureaus (including Tim Russert for NBC) wrote the Obama campaign to protest their reporters being lied to by the campaign as to the availability of Senator Obama on campaign flights. During campaigns, the bureaus are to reimburse expenses for their reporters travel but make the decision on whether to make the expenditures based on whether they get access to the candidate. If there is no access, there is no reason for the reporters to be on the flight at a great expense their news bureaus.

The faux-presidential seal is the next step in creating the Obama-Nation. We think that Obama is the new guy, but he’s got all the old guys behind him. This isn’t a new campaign — it’s the same old stuff. Let us never forget that this is the Democrats’ election to lose. Republicans and conservatives cannot sit back and assume they’ll get 270 electoral votes without trying. This is a battle for the Presidency of the United States at one of the most dangerous times in our history.

This candidate is wrong on many levels — but the most dangerous part of this candidacy is his September 10th mindset. Obama’s got it and no amount of repackaging will change that.


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