Getting to Know YOU

Despite all the fancy demographic tools and studies the media can use, the best is the most old-fashioned and simple:  interview the readers. 

This article is the first in an irregular series in which HUMAN EVENTS talks directly to you.  (If you want to nominate someone to be interviewed, please e-mail Ericka Andersen,, with his/her name, contact information, and a brief explanation about why the nominee just can’t live without HUMAN EVENTS.)

Winner of the coveted spot of our very first reader-profile, Scott McGeary has subscribed to HUMAN EVENTS for over thirty years. McGeary is the area manager for Virginia Public Affairs for the Washington Gas Company. He resides in Arlington with his wife, Linda, and son, Joey.

McGeary began his conservative activism when only nine years old by distributing literature about the 1964 Goldwater/Miller presidential race to his customers as paperboy in Alexandria. McGeary later served as a page in US Senate which solidified his fascination with politics. He received a B.A. in political science from George Washington University and then continued to George Mason University School of Law.

McGeary faithfully continues his involvement in community affairs, including his work as a former political party chairman in Arlington, former chair of the electoral board for eight years, and currently serves as the chairman for the Board of Zoning Appeals.

“Throughout my time in community affairs and also professionally, I keep up with events at the local, state and federal levels,” said McGeary. “Human Events is certainly a tremendous aid with that and with what is going on in the conservative community.”

Why is McGeary such an avid reader of HUMAN EVENTS? Interested in issues such as the presidential race, energy, immigration, and tax policy, McGeary enjoys reading the articles by Human Events writers. He considers the work of John Gizzi, Jed Babbin, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, and Robert Novak as must-reads. McGeary currently is a big devotee of Gizzi’s vice presidential profiles.

While generally reading the print version of HUMAN EVENTS, McGeary found the online version of HUMAN EVENTS by following a link from Newt Gingrich’s website. He “appreciates the convenience of the website” and often reads articles online via his PDA. Through the website, McGeary subscribes to many of his favorite columnists’ articles.

“I enjoy [Human Events] because it puts into perspective many issues from the point of view of the conservative movement,” said McGeary. “It certainly helps me stay up to date on issues of importance and on the past, present, and future of the conservative movement.”